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June 25, 2010

 Dear shareholders,

 I am very aware that shareholders are exhausted, frustrated and some are even 
 angry that so much time has elapsed and nothing has come from their original 
 investment in this Company. I understand that many of you are even under 
 extended pressures from friends and relatives because you also talked them into 
 investing and now they are looking to you for answers. I too have many friends and 
 family members that are shareholders of CMKM and they are also looking for 

 When Mr. Casavant turned this Company over to me and resigned in March of 
 2007, I still believed that there were stones left unturned that would allow for a 
 quick resolution and turnabout of the circumstances for the benefit of the 
 shareholders. I made promises to you with full intention to keep you updated and 
 fully aware of the current activities of the Company on a continual basis. To all of 
 our dismay, the unturned stones that were found did not show anything that 
 promised a quick resolution to the benefit of the shareholders. In fact, the 
 information that we became in possession of showed anything but the promises of a 
 quick resolution. Working daily in the atmosphere of ongoing litigation is not 
 anything remotely close to what I had hoped was waiting for shareholders just 
 around the corner in March of 2007.

 In an April 20, 2007 press release I had the most unpleasant duty of telling 
 shareholders what was uncovered just days before when several boxes of 
 documents arrived at the Frizzell Law Firm. What was in those boxes foretold just 
 the beginning of the heartbreaking story that we eventually uncovered that told us 
 what really happened with our investments. Once this occurred, CMKM was 
 forced into litigation mode that required extreme amounts of time to be dedicated 
 to investigation and discovery of the facts which has led to the possession of 
 several hundred thousand pages of documents. Because of those events, the 
 Company was not left with many new things to report to shareholders on a daily, 
 weekly or even monthly basis. I can no longer discuss matters that may end up 
 being part of litigation and wish to thank Bill Frizzell for his recent update to the 
 Company that he allowed us to post on the website last month for all of you to see.

 Just one week before Mr. Casavant resigned we were advised by then corporate 
 counsel J.T. Moran III to put the Company into bankruptcy. However, we did not 
 take that advice and the Company is still alive today and has a fighting chance to 
 succeed in some way. It is the belief of current management that through our 
 diligent efforts of seeking restitution through the courts that CMKM will have its 
 most reasonable chance to once again become a publicly trading company. 
 Management is making every realistic effort possible to set up the foundation of the 
 Company so that it is ready to move forward once the larger recoveries are made. 
 Currently, there have been a few small settlements won by CMKM that have 
 enabled the Company the ability to continue forward with litigation, budget the 
 initial and monthly fees of hiring the new transfer agent, corporate overhead, agreed 
 upon reduced salaries for officers, the payment of property taxes along with the 
 upkeep on two properties obtained in one settlement (see corporate updates 
 4.21.2009 & 5.11.2009) and the engagement of a CPA firm that is currently and 
 diligently working to reconstruct financial records from 2002 forward with the 
 intention of fully audited financials. 

 I still believe that CMKM Diamonds, Inc. was a victim of naked shorting or at the 
 very least had one of, if not THE, largest failure to deliver problems that ever 
 existed in the U.S. markets. I recently visited personally with attorney Al Hodges at 
 his office in Pasadena. Most of you are already aware that Mr. Hodges is seeking 
 the release of funds that he believes were collected on behalf of the CMKM 
 shareholders. I have known and remained friends with Al Hodges ever since that 
 fateful day in March of 2007 within an hour or so after Urban Casavant turned the 
 Company over to me.I find Al Hodges to be extremely forthright, honest 
 and fully believe he is working only for the best possible outcome and benefit of all 
 shareholders of this Company. I was not privileged to the evidence that he 
 maintains; However, after my visit with him early this month it is my personal 
 opinion that he is 100% committed to his current actions and that he firmly 
 believes, without any room for doubt, that he has irrefutable evidence of funds 
 being held for eventual distribution to the CMKM shareholders and that he 
 believes that the release of those funds is imminent. 

 Moving forward, while the current paths of CMKM and attorney Al Hodges are 
 not exactly the same, both can coexist independently with each one working 
 towards an outcome that is intended to be of the best possible benefit for all 
 shareholders. Mr. Frizzell stated in his last litigation update, “I personally think Al 
 Hodges is a very capable and experienced attorney.  I am hopeful that his litigation 
 is successful but CMKM management does not have the luxury of waiting to see 
 what will come of that lawsuit.  Based on the recovery sought in the Hodge’s suit, if 
 it is successful, the matters being litigated by the Company will pale in significance”.

    In past updates, the Company has requested that anyone with direct knowledge 
 of anything that may be of financial benefit to the Company and its shareholders to 
 step forward with your information and the Company will investigate it fully. I want 
 to once again extend this offer to everyone. A new email address has been 
 set up specifically for this 
 purpose: NewInformation@cmkmdiamondsinc.com. Please note that 
 any email submissions to this address that do not have to do specifically with 
 providing new information that can be of help to the Company will be promptly 
 deleted. No emails will be answered or forwarded from this address. It is my 
 sincerest hope that this new attempt to allow for usable information to come 
 directly to the Company will not be abused and can be maintained for the sole 
 purpose for which it is being provided. 

 Because the Company is not in the possession of any materials, documents or 
 knowledge of any kind that points to a trust or any other means of monies or assets 
 having been gathered, demanded or put aside for the Company and/or its 
 shareholders we have had to move forward with the information that we do have 
 available to us which is one of the reasons for our current litigation. 

 I want to commend Transfer Online for doing a fantastic job to get the initial 
 onslaught of shareholders taken care of with their requests for account s to be set 
 up. Most people will probably not ever be able to comprehend the enormous task 
 that was undertaken by the new transfer agent to get this under control and taken 
 care of. To add to the scope of the task, there were several problems that were 
 reported to them by shareholders that had to be fully researched and eventually led 
 to only a few inaccuracies from the records of our former transfer agents that had 
 to be corrected. As per the shareholder list created with the new transfer agent on 
 April 7, 2010 there are: 800,000,000,000 common shares authorized; 
 703,514,957,466 common shares issued and outstanding; zero preferred shares 
 authorized or issued and 48,679 shareholders of record. Currently there are only 
 8,862 security account holders that have registered with Transfer Online for access 
 to their accounts.

 There are still a large number of shareholders that have electronic shares being held 
 in brokerage houses both foreign and domestic. Since these shareholders do not 
 have physical certificates, they are not included in the current number of 
 shareholders of record listed above. Brokerage houses and clearing firms holding 
 bulk certificates that are theoretically used to back up all electronic shares held by 
 their firms are each counted as one shareholder but each of them may be 
 representing tens, hundreds or even thousands of account holders (CMKM 
 shareholders) and these are shareholders that we do not have all of the names or 
 current addresses for. To give you an example of most but not all of the brokerage 
 houses/clearing firms and their holdings as per the shareholder list of 4.7.2010 
 represented in bulk certificates: **

 A.G. Edwards & Sons LLC
 229+ Million shares

 ADP Clearing & Outsourcing Services
 486+ Million shares

 Ameritrade,Inc.21+ Billion shares

 Banc of America Securities LLC
 3+ Million shares

 Bear Stearns Security Corp.
    73+ Million shares

 Brown Brothers Harriman Co.
 914+ Million shares

 Brownco LLC
 Zero shares

 CEDE & Co
 17+ Million shares

 Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
    2+ Billion shares

 Etrade Clearing LLC
    27+ Million shares

 First Clearing LLC
    42+ Million shares

 Gerlach & Co.
    131+ Million shares

 Goldman Sachs & Co.
   410+ Million shares

 H & R Block Financial Advisors
 2 Million shares

 Hare & Co.
    212+ Million shares

 HSBS Securities
    34+ Million shares

 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
 49+ Million shares

 Larkoc/o Emmett A Larkin Co., Inc.

 Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith 
 192+ Million shares 

 Morgan Keegan Co., Inc.
    42+ Million shares

 Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.
    416+ Million shares

 National Financial Services Inc. 
 4+ Billion shares

 NBCN Clearing, Inc.
    11+ Million shares

 North American Clearing, Inc.
 17+ Million shares

 Pension Financial Services Inc.
    Zero shares

 Pershing LLC
    2+ Billion shares

 Piper Jaffray & Co.
    3 Million shares

 Raymond James Associates, Inc.
 700+ Thousand shares

 RBC Dominion Securities
    2+ Billion shares

 Rush & Co.c/o Swiss American Securities, Inc.
    298+ Million shares

 Scotia Capital, Inc.
    1+ Million shares

 Scottrade, Inc.
    Zero shares

 Sterne Agee and Leach, Inc.
 1+ Million shares

 UBS Securities LLC
    594+ Million shares

 Vanguard Brokerage Services
 104+ Thousand shares

 Wells Fargo Investments LLC.
 8+ Million shares

 ** Please note that these figures represent bulk holdings. Some of the firms 
 represented are holding certificates for individual accounts as the custodian. 
 These custodian accounts are generally representing IRA type accounts and 
 the figures above do NOT include those certificates. (For example: Scottrade, 
 Inc. has zero shares in bulk but they have several individual certificates held 
 as custodian for IRA type accounts of individuals)

    As you can see, there are many shareholders not yet fully accounted for 
 because their shares are held in electronic form and not held in physical certificates. 
 If you have not signed up for your account yet at www.TransferOnLine.com
      , it would be of benefit to you and the Company to do so. This account is 
 completely free of cost to each shareholder. By signing up for your free 
 account you will be able to make address changes which in turn will enable the 
 Company to have your most current mailing address so that it is available for any 
 possible needed communications to include a future shareholder’s meeting.

 CMKM intends to hold its first ever official shareholder’s meeting within the next 
 12 months. As you could imagine, this event will be an extremely large undertaking 
 with a great deal of organizational and monetary requirements to make it happen 
 correctly. To begin preparing for this event now, it will be necessary to have 
 current information for as many shareholders as possible. If you intend to be able 
 to vote via proxy you will need to have a certificate in your name and have a 
 current address on file with the transfer agent. If you have electronic shares only, 
 then your vote(s) will be held by the brokerage or clearing firm that is theoretically 
 holding the bulk certificate for your position.

 In closing, I know that some shareholders are hurting very badly due to economic 
 times and/or health conditions that could possibly be helped with any kind of return 
 from their investment in this Company. I wish there was a quick and simple 
 resolution. I can assure you that the management team is dedicated and that we will 
 continue to work diligently towards the best possible outcome for the Company 
 and its shareholders in as short of time as possible with the resources that are 
 available to us. Thank you once again for your patience and ongoing support.

 Very sincerely,

 Kevin M West

 Chairman, CEO & President

      May 13, 2010

         To:CMKM Management

    Re:Litigation Update

    I received five phone calls yesterday from four pleasant and concerned 
 shareholders.The fifth caller was rude and insulting but left his message after 
 normal business hours so he did not reach anyone in my office.I have not 
 had the chance to speak with him as of this writing but I will continue my efforts to 
 reach him.This shareholder gave his name in such a way that his last name is 
 not audible and he left his phone number with the last four digits trailing off to 
 where it is indecipherable.I left messages at voice mails for two different 
 numbers that could possibly have been the caller’s number but I have not received 
 any return phone calls.After discussing the reasons for the influx of calls with 
 these concerned shareholders, I have decided to issue an update on the status of 
 the litigation for the benefit of all shareholders.These well meaning
 shareholders suggested that I address certain topics.I will endeavor to cover 
 them from the legal perspective.

    Desormeau Suit-- I was hired by CMKM after Kevin 
 West became CEO in early 2007.I was in Las Vegas preparing to file a 
 shareholder’s derivative suit against Dave Desormeau (former CFO for CMKM), 
 John Edwards (owner of the CyberMark shell that became CMKM) and other 
 insiders of CMKM.It was obvious that Company management prior to Mr. 
 West’s appointment had neither desire nor inclination to bring suit against the 
 parties I was prepared to sue.The facts uncovered since Mr. West has 
 taken office along with indictments and other regulatory proceedings, confirm that 
 such legal actions were appropriate on behalf of the Company.Mr. West, in 
 one of his first decisions, asked me not to file the suit against Desormeau, et al as a 
 derivative suit but to bring the action directly against the named Defendants on 
 behalf of the Company.I did so.That action resulted in a $33,000,000 
 judgment in favor of CMKM against John Edwards.Most of you know by 
 now that having a judgment against someone is not the same as receiving funds in 
 that amount.Your Company and your legal team have spent significant 
 monies to obtain judgments against certain defendants and there is hope for 
 recovery of significant funds from these judgments.

    Two pieces of real estate have been recovered on behalf of the Company in a 
 related proceeding.Litigation was brought in North Carolina and Nevada in 
 an attempt to attach certain pieces of real estate which were believed to have been 
 bought with illegally obtained proceeds.A compromise was reached in the 
 North Carolina proceeding which allowed for the transfer of these properties to 
 CMKM while the $33,000,000 judgment against John Edwards with ongoing 
 interest remains in full force and effect.It was agreed that John Edwards 
 would be allowed credit for the value of these properties against the outstanding 
 judgment.These properties were purchased with “ill gotten gains” from 
 actions alleged in the Desormeau lawsuit and the Company has a duty and a right 
 to collect any real estate or other assets that were acquired through such illegal 
 activities.Collection efforts against John Edwards are ongoing to satisfy the 
 remainder of this judgment.The Company is attempting to sell the real estate 
 acquired through this lawsuit, but due to real estate market conditions no sales have 
 occurred for the benefit of the Company as of the date of this writing.

    I will make occasional references throughout this update to documents being 
 filed and filing dates. You are directed to the Company 
 website www.cmkmdiamondsinc.com to view the documents 
 mentioned herein.

    Recently CMKM has amended the petition in the Desormeau suit to add Wells 
 Fargo, the STAMP Program, Stacy Ewing, Helen Bagley and First Global Stock 
 Transfer.CMKM’s ongoing investigation headed up by Mr. West 
 uncovered the actions described in the recent amendment which resulted in this 
 new filing.In this amended filing CMKM alleges that the actions of Wells 
 Fargo, its employee Stacy Ewing, along with Helen Bagley and the Company 
 transfer agency, assisted John Edwards and others in the issuance of free trading 
 shares which were not authorized by CMKM.The Court granted CMKM’s 
 Motion to add Wells Fargo et al to the lawsuit in March of 2010.CMKM is 
 awaiting a signed order from the Court so it may proceed with service on all the 
 new parties.The investigation by CMKM shows that the CMKM stock 
 certificates issued as a result of the negligence and wrongdoing of Wells Fargo and 
 others totals over $50 million dollars.This amended portion of the 
 Desormeau suit seeks damages for the losses caused to CMKM for the issuance 
 of these shares.

    Casavant/Glenn Suit -- In August of 2009 CMKM sued its former 
 attorney Roger Glenn, his law firm Edwards Angell Palmer and Dodge, LLP, 
 Rendal Williams, Cierra Williams, MonteVerde Holdings LLC and Patricia 
 DeCosta by adding them to the Casavant suit filed in 2007.Roger Glenn’s 
 attorneys filed a Motion to Dismiss aimed at certain claims in CMKM’s petition.
      CMKM amended its lawsuit and filed the Second Amended Complaint 
 against Glenn, et al, on January 5, 2010.Glenn’s attorneys filed an answer 
 on January 21, 2010.On March 2, 2010 a Joint Case Conference Report 
 was filed which sets out certain discovery deadlines agreed to by the 
 parties.CMKM received Glenn’s First Set of Interrogatories and a Request 
 for Production in March.In response to Glenn’s discovery requests CMKM 
 has provided to Glenn over a half a million pages of documents accumulated by the 
 Company during its three years of investigation into the Company’s activities.
    For the specifics of what was provided to Glenn’s attorneys please view the 
 Case Conference Report on the Company website. Glenn’s attorneys have 
 provided in their initial disclosure to CMKM 1576 documents (which includes 
 many duplicates) totaling less than 8,000 pages of records.

    On February 17, 2010 all parties, through their respective attorneys, met by 
 video conference call to work out the Case Conference Report and the particulars 
 involving the initial disclosure required by the Nevada Rules.Glenn’s attorney 
 took the deposition of Kevin West on March 23, 2010 with Kevin West being 
 named as the Company representative most knowledgeable about the Company 
 records.This proceeding is called a Rule 30 (b) (6) deposition.Mr. 
 West testified for most of the day about the records of the Company and where 
 Glenn might look to find documents of the Company.Glenn’s attorneys have 
 issued a subpoena to Don Stoecklein, former CMKM attorney, for all of his firm’s 
 records related to his representation of CMKM.Stoecklein forwarded these 
 records to Glenn’s attorneys two weeks ago.Glenn’s attorneys amended 
 their deposition after receiving the documents from Mr. Stoecklein and have now 
 elected to depose Kristen Buck at their offices in Costa Mesa, California next 
 week.I will attend the deposition to represent the Company.The 
 Company is preparing their first round of discovery to Roger Glenn and intends to 
 have it filed in the next thirty days.A trial date has not been set at this time.
      Due to time deadlines agreed to in the Case Conference Report, it is likely a 
 trial could occur as early as May or June of 2011.

    Share Cancellation Suits-Smith County, Texas -- After reviewing 
 hundreds of thousands of pages of bank records, transfer agent records and other 
 corporate documents, it became clear that billions of shares of CMKM common 
 stock were issued to certain companies and individuals who never provided 
 services nor paid for the receipt of those shares.In 2008, the Company 
 began notifying those companies and shareholders that appeared to have large 
 holdings of CMKM common stock yet the records of the Company did not show 
 any proof that such stock had been paid for by either cash or services.The 
 Company received responses from only a small number of the shareholders who 
 were contacted. Most of the people who responded said they were unaware that 
 stock was issued in their name or that any stock was currently outstanding in their 
 name.CMKM management has a duty to cancel any and all shares that were 
 never purchased or acquired legally.The Company has an ongoing 
 investigation into illegally issued stock and will continue to identify those that 
 received stock without paying for the same. Forty individuals and companies 
 including a number of companies created by John Edwards and including a number 
 of relatives of Urban Casavant and certain individuals known to be insiders of the 
 Company have now been sued by CMKM. On March 25, a default was granted 
 against some of the named Defendants.On April 20, 2010 Mr. West 
 appeared in Court and testified about the circumstances surrounding the issuance 
 of the shares sought to be cancelled.He also testified about the methods 
 suggested for awarding damages for the acts of the Defendants.The Court 
 awarded CMKM nearly $30 million dollars based on the sales price of the shares 
 that were ultimately sold by the named Defendants. Approximately 20 billion 
 shares have been cancelled as a result of this litigation.New Defendants in 
 this suit will be added in the coming months.

    Al Hodges’ Bivens Suit-- After discussing this issue with a 
 couple of shareholders, I thought it necessary to explain CMKM’s legal position 
 regarding the Hodges’ suit with more clarity.Kevin West and the all those 
 associated with CMKM including the new COO, the Board of Directors and all 
 the lawyers being employed by the Company are dedicated to seeing this 
 Company succeed and become a trading entity again.The promises made to 
 shareholders before the current management took over have left many shareholders 
 with the hopes and expectations of fabulous wealth and windfall profits from 
 relatively small investments.The hope for wealth from this investment lives in 
 many of us. The claims made in the Hodges’ suit are good reason for hope to 
 continue.CMKM management has been on a steady course for three years 
 to rebuild this Company.Because the previous management did not file tax 
 reports, the Company is having to reconcile each year beginning in year 2002 in 
 order to file each period accordingly to regain reporting status. The Company plans 
 to maintain its course while the Hodges’ litigation comes to some resolution. I make 
 these comments in regards to the Hodges’ suit for this reason.All work being 
 performed by Kevin, his staff and his Board is for the sole purpose of benefitting all 
 shareholders and bringing the Company back to trading status.

    When Kevin West took the job, he became duty bound to do things that are 
 required of corporate officers.CMKM’s investigation does not reveal that 
 any trust fund exists.The Company has stated publicly that it does not have
 any evidence of funds awaiting the shareholders.This does not mean there 
 are no funds being held in trust for the shareholders. The Company simply has no 
 evidence of the existence of these funds. This position by the Company does not 
 mean the Company is opposed to the finding of funds belonging to the 
 shareholders.Quite to the contrary, the Company exists for the sole reason 
 of increasing the value of the stock to the shareholders.If it comes in the 
 form of a windfall from a trust fund, then so be it. I personally think Al 
 Hodges is a very capable and experienced attorney.I am hopeful that his 
 litigation is successful but CMKM management does not have the luxury of waiting 
 to see what will come of that lawsuit.Based on the recovery sought in the 
 Hodge’s suit, if it is successful, the matters being litigated by the Company will pale 
 in significance. The Company will watch the proceedings in the Hodge’s suit 
 with great interest and hope that something of value comes of that litigation for the 

    Communication to Shareholders-- I was informed that 
 many shareholder resent the Company’s inability or refusal to communicate with 
 shareholders.You are advised that Kevin West has been a key witness, and 
 without a doubt the most important witness, on behalf of the Company.He 
 has already testified in court on numerous occasions.He has been named as 
 a witness by me and by Roger Glenn’s attorney in our formal disclosure 
 documents.The act of naming someone as a witness has significant legal 
 ramifications.Mr. West will be deposed at some point in the future by Roger 
 Glenn’s attorney as may any officer or board member.He may be deposed 
 in other lawsuits related to his work for the Company.Any remarks made by 
 Mr. West whether written or verbal to third parties is discoverable by the opposing 
 parties.Any information he imparts may subject him to cross examination.
    Statements made outside court are often used in court against a 
 witness.Since casual conversations or general dialogues about the Company 
 business are difficult at best to screen or scrutinize. I am forced to restrict 
 any officer or board member in what he or she can discuss and to whom he or she 
 can discuss matters with.

    I have a legal obligation to prepare these cases for trial and I am duty bound to 
 instruct Company witnesses on the potential harm that could come from discussing 
 Company business for the entire world to hear and see. Additionally, the 
 parties have entered into a Protective Order signed by the Court which directs all 
 parties to protect as confidential any materials deemed by the parties to be 
 confidential.I think the Order is posted on the Company web site, but if it is 
 not, I will see if we can get it posted.If any officers or board members were 
 to discuss or display to shareholders documents deemed confidential, he could be 
 subjecting himself and the Company to sanctions or be exposed to a contempt of 
 court action.It is extremely difficult in a case involving large volumes of 
 business records and confidential documents for an attorney to police his witnesses 
 as to what areas they can talk about and what areas they cannot discuss publicly.
      I have advised the officers and board members not to discuss Company 
 business because of this litigation.Are you entitled to answers to your 
 questions?Depending on the question, you may well be entitled to answers 
 or certain information.But in light of the mountain of litigation being brought 
 by this Company, you will be required to get your answers in a more controlled 
 fashion.You are not entitled to unlimited and uncontrolled access to the 
 corporate officers or board members when your questions involve matters that are 
 subjects of the litigation.Any lawyer who would suggest otherwise would not 
 be doing his job in my opinion.

    Information Request -- I have been receiving a number of faxes and 
 emails from people who are telling me they have been instructed to send me proof 
 of their holdings.I will assume this is an honest mistake on somebody’s part.
      One nice individual has sent me a quote from a current message thread but 
 the quote is five years old where John Martin was asking shareholders to send 
 proof of their holdings by fax to my office.I have no idea why anyone would 
 suggest there is some need to do that at the present time.The thread that was 
 sent to me was written by Mr. Martin when I was compiling the information we 
 gave to the SEC following the administrative hearing.This is a waste of time 
 for the shareholders who are being told to do this and it serves no purpose 


    Bill Frizzell

      April 22, 2010

 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Update

 CMKM management would like to take this opportunity to update shareholders on 
 the following items: 

    Transfer Agent… There are now over 6,300 online security holder accounts set 
 up with our new transfer agent. Transfer Online has done an outstanding job to get 
 this far along being that they have had to take the extra time to answer hundreds of 
 phone calls and well over one thousand emails since they were announced on April 
 8th. You are not required to set up an account at this time with the Transfer agent.

    The company has been asked if there are any preferred shares authorized, 
 issued or outstanding. Please be advised that CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has only 
 common stock. There are over 48,000 known shareholders holding well over 
 60,000 certificates.

    Texas lawsuit… On Tuesday, April 20, 2010, CMKM appeared in the 7th 
 Judicial District Court in Tyler, Texas and was awarded a judgment of 
 $28,355,411 against the defendants in exhibit “J” of the filed judgment. (Link) On 
 March 25, 2010 CMKM was awarded a judgment (Link) to cancel all outstanding 
 issued shares in the names of the defendants. 

    The Company’s general counsel has issued this comment following the Court's 
 actions Tuesday.

    "CMKM management has an obligation to pursue any party responsible for 
 damage to the Company.   Our investigation to date has involved the acquisition of 
 hundreds of thousands of pages of financial records obtained through subpoenas as 
 well as sworn depositions of numerous insiders, promoters and legal 
 representatives. Cooperation with law enforcement and regulators is ongoing. 
 Through this expensive and time consuming work, the Company has acquired 
 evidence which is difficult to dispute by those that illegally profited from their 
 actions. The paper trail left by those that profited from their illegal stock 
 acquisitions is quite clear and additional legal actions are planned against other 
 individuals.  There has been very little cooperation from prior management and 
 those insiders and promoters that profited from the stock dilution of the Company. 
 We strongly encourage those that have information helpful to the Company to 
 come forward and assist the company in its rebuilding.  The Company fully intends 
 to pursue collection of this judgment and all prior judgments obtained by the 

    The Company hired James E Lowden whois coming to CMKM 
 Diamonds with over 25 years of executive experience in Business development, 
 Real Estate development and Crisis Management. Known for crafting strategic 
 visions to achieve business goals, Mr. Lowden offers a unique blend of executive 
 acumen, team building and solution development crediting strong return of 
 investments and operational systems. Mr. Lowden’s background in commercial 
 development will assist CMKM in our Real Estate transactions. Mr. Lowden has 
 accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer and Interim Secretary / Treasurer for 
 a period of two years.

      April 8, 2010

    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Update

    The Company is happy to announce that our new transfer agency is online and 
 ready for shareholders to begin initiating their account setup requests. The new 
 transfer agent is Transfer Online and can be found at www.transferonline.com. 
 Shareholders will now be able to monitor their holdings and make address changes 
 directly online without having to call the transfer agent.

    In order to start using this service, shareholders will need to read and follow the 
 steps outlined in the following letter(link) from Transfer Online to get your personal 
 account setup. Since there will obviously be a very large influx of shareholders 
 trying to get their accounts started at once it may take a few days to get everyone 
 taken care of. Please do not call or email the Transfer Agent for help until you have 
 followed all of the steps and given them sufficient time to respond. 

    Thank you for your patience during this transition.

    Very Sincerely,

    Kevin M. West

    CEO & President

    March 3, 2010

    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Update

    Progress is being made in the Casavant lawsuit.   Various parties have now 
 been served with publication and the Company will be proceeding with default 
 judgments shortly against those that have not answered.   CMKM attorneys met 
 with attorneys for Roger Glenn last week and have agreed to a Case Conference 
 report which will be submitted to the trial judge as is customary in Nevada courts. 
 The parties will then be operating under a somewhat structured time line as to 
 future discovery including depositions and other matters.   The Company intends to 
 disclose thousands of pages of documents to Mr. Glenn's attorneys this week as 
 part of the required initial disclosures.  The Company should in turn receive from 
 Mr. Glenn any documents he and his attorneys feel are required to be disclosed 
 under local rules."

    March 1, 2010

    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Shareholder Update

    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has completed the selection process of a new Stock 
 Transfer agent. CMKM has a great deal of data entry work that must be 
 completed and sent forward to the Transfer agent for their approval. To the 
 satisfaction of the new transfer agent and final approval the information will be 
 uploaded into the new system and the Company will put out an update with the
 Name of the Transfer Agent and the corresponding contact information.At 
 that time shareholders will be able to make any address changes and submit for 
 transfer requests. The Company expects this process to be completed within the 
 next 30-45 days. The Company believes it has found the right transfer agent for the 
 immediate and long term needs of a shareholder base of our size. CMKM would 
 like to thank all the shareholders for their patience through this long process. 

    On 2.23.2010, President Kevin West, personally spoke with a Team Manager 
 who is a Licensed Principal in Corporate Actions with Ameritrade about the 
 concerns that a number of shareholders recently brought to my attention regarding 
 their CMKM shares and/or Casavant Mining International shares still in street 
 name at Ameritrade. I was informed that the share holdings at TD Ameritrade 
 system for old restricted dividend shares of Casavant International Mining were 
 being held as CMKM Diamonds, Inc. / Casavant International Mining. In order to 
 make an adjustment in their system, they changed the Casavant International 
 Mining shares from being classified as stated above into a new CUSIP number 
 reclassifying them strictly for the Casavant International Mining shares. This change 
 in no way affected/effects the CMKM Diamonds, Inc. shares that some 
 shareholders still hold in street name with TD Ameritrade. CMKM Diamonds, Inc 
 shares are still CMKM Diamonds, Inc shares in all TD Ameritrade accounts. 
 There should not be fees of any kind involved in this transaction and any 
 Ameritrade customer that finds a fee related to these transactions can contact 
 Ameritrade to have it removed.

 August 14, 2009
 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Announces Amendments to Lawsuits

 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. filed an amendment yesterday to add several individuals 
 and entities to their current lawsuit in Nevada against former CEO Urban Casavant
 and other insiders of the Company. The amendments include attorney Donald 
 Roger Glenn, Rendal Williams, Cierra Williams, former Silver State Bank 
 representative Patricia DeCosta, Monte Verde Holdings, and Edwards, Angell, 
 Palmer and Dodge LLP. The lawsuit, originally filed on April 25, 2007, is one of 
 several legal actions against individuals and entities who are believed to have 
 played a major role in the fraudulent insider activities and massive stock dilution of 
 the company. Additional lawsuits and actions against other parties are planned by 
 the Company. 

 This newly amended lawsuit is posted on the Company website at 

 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has also filed an amendment in Texas to add several 
 individuals and entities to their current lawsuit against Casavant family members and
 other insiders of the Company. 

 This newly amended lawsuit is posted on the Company website at 

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    June 17, 2009
 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Holds Annual Board of Directors Meeting

 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. recently held its Annual Board of Directors meeting, at 
 which all Company directors and officers were present. 

 The past 12 months have been extremely eventful, as the Company has provided 
 updates to its diverse shareholder base a total of 30 times through press releases, 
 Corporate and Shareholder updates, Q&A updates, and CEO radio shows. To 
 date, nearly 100 documents have been posted on the Company website. The 
 highlights of the past year include: 

 July, 2008 - CMKM Diamonds, Inc. was awarded a $33,675,365 judgment in a 
 Nevada District Court against one of the former insiders of the Company, John 
 Edwards, just over a year after current Chairman and then CEO Kevin West hired 
 attorney Bill Frizzell as Corporate Counsel to file lawsuits on behalf of the 
 Company against numerous company insiders and others who conspired to 
 defraud the Company and its Shareholders. The Company has been ably 
 supported by local counsel in the various jurisdictions of our many legal actions. 

 July, 2008 – CMKM Diamonds appointed an Advisory Committee to assist the 
 Company in its efforts and decision making process and to begin the search for 
 Board of Directors members and a new Company CEO. 

 August, 2008 – Based on recommendations from the Company Advisory 
 Committee, Board Chairman and CEO Kevin West appointed a Board of 
 Directors consisting of shareholders Stan Polsom, Tom Stephenson, and Roger 

 September, 2008 – Based on recommendations from the Advisory Committee and 
 the Board of Directors, CMKM Diamonds, Inc. appointed nationally recognized 
 stock market reform advocate, author, and businessman Mark Faulk as its new 
 CEO, with Kevin West remaining as Chairman of the Board. 

 October, 2008 – Mark Faulk conducted his first CEO Chat, a radio show 
 designed to help answer shareholders’ questions and update shareholders on 
 current events. All radio shows are available on the Company website.

 January 20, 2009 – The CMKM Diamonds Plea for Justice: CMKM Diamonds, 
 Inc. CEO Mark Faulk sent a letter (with the help of the BOD and Advisory 
 Committee), along with accompanying supportive documents, to incoming 
 President Barack Obama and over 50 regulatory officials and U.S. congressmen. 
 The letter began: “CMKM Diamonds and its shareholders respectfully ask that our 
 government act responsibly in seeking justice in one of the largest singular frauds 
 ever perpetrated in our financial markets.” The letter was subsequently distributed 
 to countless public officials and media outlets by our diligent shareholders. 

 February, 2009 – CMKM Diamonds followed up their Plea for Justice letter with 
 an online petition that read: “We the undersigned ask that the DOJ, FBI, and IRS 
 to act immediately to issue criminal indictments against all of those individuals who 
 conspired to defraud 50,000 CMKX shareholders of over $250 million.” The 
 petition, containing almost 2,000 signatures, was forwarded to public officials and 
 the Criminal Task Force investigating prior fraud in CMKM Diamonds. 

 February 2, 2008 – An email was sent to 20 people within the DOJ, FBI, IRS, 
 SEC, and FINRA, containing the CMKM Plea for Justice Letter, along with an 
 introductory email detailing the hundreds of thousands of pages of bank account 
 records, transfer agent records, trading records, and other evidence that the 
 Company and its legal counsel had accumulated, and renewing offers to assist the 
 various agencies in their investigations. Less than two hours later, the Company 
 received a phone call from an FBI agent who is a member of the Task Force. 
 Since that phone call, the Company has worked closely with federal agents to 
 provide evidence in order to ensure that criminal charges will be filed in one of the 
 largest financial frauds in history. 

 February, 2009 – The Company has also mailed a Letter of Request to the Task 
 Force asking that all CMKM Diamonds, Inc. (CMKX) shareholders be added to 
 a victims’ list under the Victim Notification System (VNS).

 April, 2009 - CMKM negotiated a settlement agreement in their lawsuit against 
 Eton Properties, Inc. in which the Company accepted a parcel of real estate in 
 Clayton, Georgia. This settlement represented the first real value returned to 
 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. since former CEO Urban Casavant fled to Canada 
 leaving only $558 in corporate bank accounts. 

 April, 2009 – CMKM announced that paperwork signed in October of 2008 had 
 laid the groundwork for negotiations with Entourage Mining Ltd. to settle ongoing 
 lawsuits. Parallel to negotiations with Entourage Mining Ltd., CMKM Diamonds, 
 Inc. also announced that the Company is also working on other related agreements 
 to benefit the Company and its shareholders. Once these negotiations have been 
 finalized, details of all agreements will be released. 

 May, 2009 – CMKM announced that the Company had received deed to a 
 second parcel of property as part of the settlement with Eton Properties Corp. This 
 property is 62.176 acres located in Franklin, Virginia. Legal issues announced 
 regarding the transfer fees due at the time of recording the deed have since been 
 resolved, and the property deed has been properly recorded in the name of 
 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. 

 In current events, the Company has appointed a Due Diligence Committee in order 
 to assist us in our ongoing research and investigation into the massive fraud that 
 was perpetrated on CMKM Diamonds, Inc. While the members of the Due 
 Diligence Committee (as well as numerous other dedicated shareholders) have 
 already individually contributed invaluable research and information to the 
 Company, we believe that by coordinating those efforts we can move the 
 Company forward in a more effective manner. 

 The Company will continue to update its shareholders on a regular basis as we 
 move forward or settle existing lawsuits, file additional lawsuits, and proceed in our 
 efforts to recover stolen assets. We will continue working with the Federal Criminal 
 Task Force to ensure that those who defrauded CMKM Diamonds, Inc. and its 
 shareholders are brought to justice. While it has been an eventful time period for 
 CMKM Diamonds, Inc., the upcoming months should be even more fruitful. 
 Finally, as always, we would like to thank our Board of Directors and our various 
 committee members for their hard work, and our loyal shareholder base for their 
 patience and support as we work towards making CMKM Diamonds a viable 

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    May 11, 2009
 CMKM Diamonds Announces 2nd Property from Eton Properties Corp.

 CMKM has now received deed to a second parcel of property as part of the 
 settlement with Eton Properties Corp.  This property is 62.176 acres located in 
 Franklin, Virginia. The Company's legal counsel is currently working to resolve 
 some legal issues regarding the transfer fees due at the time of recording the deed 
 in Southampton County, Virginia. Once these issues have been taken care of, the 
 deed will be properly recorded in the name of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. The 
 settlement agreement between CMKM and Eton Properties, Inc. contains a strictly 
 worded confidentiality clause, so the settlement agreement will not be posted on 
 the web site. The Board of Directors of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has approved the 
 settlement agreement. 

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    April 21, 2009
 CMKM Diamonds Announces Settlement Agreement With Eton 

 CMKM has negotiated an agreement with Eton Properties, Inc. which will result in 
 a dismissal of the litigation filed in Haywood County, North Carolina.  The 
 settlement agreement between CMKM and Eton Properties, Inc. contains a strictly 
 worded confidentiality clause so the settlement agreement will not be posted on the 
 web site.  CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has accepted a parcel of real estate in Clayton, 
 Georgia.   There is a possibility of additional litigation against unnamed third parties 
 in order to conclude the settlement and obtain the full benefits of the settlement 
 agreement.  The Board of Directors of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has approved the 
 settlement agreement. 

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    February 4th, 2009
 CMKM Petitions Criminal Agencies to File Charges in Major Stock 
 Market Scandal 

 At CMKM Diamonds, we are fighting a war on multiple fronts. While we move 
 forward with our own corporate lawsuits in an effort to return value to the 
 Company, we are also urging our government to enact justice against those who 
 have wronged our shareholders. In order to keep pressure on the DOJ, FBI, and 
 IRS Task Force that has been investigating the fraud committed by those criminals 
 who stole an estimated $250 million dollars from innocent CMKX investors, we 
 have posted a petition seeking justice “in one of the largest and most blatant 
 singular frauds ever perpetrated in our financial markets”. When enough signatures 
 are accumulated to present a united front, we will present the petition to those who 
 are in charge of the investigation and their superiors. 

 We have always believed that properly motivated, our shareholders are our 
 greatest asset. This is a perfect opportunity to, in the words of Company Chairmen 
 Kevin West, “unite this group of wonderful people, our shareholders, for a 
 common cause.” 

 PLEASE go to http://www.petitiononline.com/CMKX/petition.html to sign the 
 petition. Let the government Task Force know that WE WILL NOT GO AWAY 
 QUIETLY. Let your voices be heard. Post it on message boards, discuss it in chat 
 rooms, and send it to everyone you know. You do not have to be a shareholder to 
 sign the petition, just a citizen who believes that justice still counts for something in 
 our country. Let CMKM Diamonds be the first step in cleaning up the rampant 
 corruption that plagues our financial system. United we can change the world. 

 To: DOJ, FBI, and IRS Task Force investigating CMKM Diamonds, Inc. 


 CMKM Diamonds and its shareholders respectfully ask that our government seek 
 justice in one of the largest and most blatant singular frauds ever perpetrated in our 
 financial markets. The company's stock (trading as CMKX) was revoked over 
 three years ago, but its shareholders still await the filing of criminal charges against 
 the numerous individuals who defrauded over 50,000 shareholders of an estimated 
 $250 million. 

 From 2003 until late 2005, criminals in control of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. sold 
 over 703 billion shares of stock to unsuspecting shareholders, including blue collar 
 workers, the elderly, disabled, and even soldiers fighting for our country in Iraq and 
 Afghanistan. Mastermind John Edwards and CEO Urban Casavant were aided 
 and abetted in their crimes by high-powered attorneys, accountants, transfer 
 agents, major banking institutions, brokerage houses, and clearing firms. 

 On April 8, 2008, the SEC charged 11 individuals and 3 corporate entities with 
 civil violations, but despite a mountain of evidence clearly showing massive criminal 
 fraud, a multi-year investigation by the DOJ, FBI, and IRS has yet to produce a 
 single criminal indictment. Many of the criminals have already fled the country, 
 while others are involved in new scams with the intent of robbing other investors. 

 To view a Letter to the President and supporting evidence sent out by current 
 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. management, go to: 

 We the undersigned ask that the DOJ, FBI, and IRS to act immediately to issue 
 criminal indictments against all of those individuals who conspired to defraud 
 50,000 CMKX shareholders of over $250 million. 


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 CMKM Updates Eton Properties and Viashow Lawsuits

 A hearing was held on December 5, 2008 in Waynesville, NC on Eton Properties' 
 motion to dismiss and motion for summary judgment in the Eton Properties Corp. 
 vs. CMKM Diamonds, Inc. lawsuit. The hearing was attended by CMKM 
 General Counsel Bill Frizzell and by CMKM local counsel Jeffrey Norris. 

 At the beginning of the hearing, Eton Properties' attorney withdrew their Motion to 
 Dismiss. In Eton's Motion for Summary Judgment, the Court interpreted the North 
 Carolina statute as demanding that a suit be filed in North Carolina within 60 days 
 of the filing of the Lis Pendens. CMKM's attorneys were not in agreement that this 
 was necessary to comply with the statute since our suit was filed in Nevada. 
 Attorneys for CMKM reminded the Court that Eton has sued CMKM, and that 
 CMKM has filed counterclaims against Eton and the Court acknowledged this 
 filing. The Court granted Eton’s Motion for Summary Judgment which simply 
 struck CMKM's first filing of the Lis Pendens. CMKM's attorneys immediately 
 went to local counsel’s office and prepared and filed a second Lis Pendens. 
 CMKM will now proceed with discovery and a new Lis Pendens is now in effect 
 on the property which we have sought in this proceeding. New documents 
 pertaining to this case can be found in the Documents section of the Company 

 In the CMKM vs. Viashow Lawsuit, local counsel for CMKM David Koch 
 attended the required Early Case Conference on Wednesday, December 3, 2008. 
 Attorneys for both parties have agreed to provide each other with documentation 
 supporting their cases within 14 days of the Early Case Conference.

 CEO Mark Faulk said, "We are very pleased with the performance of our 
 attorneys in both the Eton and Viashow lawsuits, and anticipate continued progress 
 as we move forward on these and other legal matters that the Company has 
 undertaken. We will not only continue to represent CMKM to the best of our 
 ability on pending legal actions, we will also broaden the scope of our actions to 
 include other parties who have wronged CMKM and its Shareholders. 
 Furthermore, we intend to continue efforts to push for justice within our criminal 
 system against those individuals and entities who defrauded CMKM and its 
 Shareholders of over $250 million."

 For more information on these lawsuits, see CMKM vs. ViaShow Lawsuit under 
 Misc. CEO-Released Documents, and the Eton Properties Lawsuit section of
 the Documents area. 

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 Update on Questionable Brokerage and Clearing Firm Activity 

 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has received letters from a broker requesting that larger 
 CMKX certificates (held in the same broker's name) be broken down into several 
 smaller certs. The written request contained the notation "FOR FAILS PHY". The 
 broker confirmed that the request was to cover a fails to deliver in the stock. 

 In a separate incident, one major brokerage firm requested the transfer of a bulk 
 certificate from another major brokerage firm. This request was dated June 29,
 2008, over two and a half years after the Company was delisted and no longer 

 The Company also has in its possession a letter where a clearing firm discusses the 
 cost effectiveness of obtaining stock so that they could issue certificates to their 
 clients, saying "Given the price of the stock, it may be more reasonable for us to go 
 out and buy the shares to cover the short." This letter is dated almost two years 
 after the Company was delisted and its shares no longer trading. 

 In a CMKM Diamonds press release dated April 20, 2007, it was confirmed that 
 the Company "halted the transfer of a large bulk certificate to a major brokerage 
 from a third party". The Company is continuing its investigation of this and other 
 questionable brokerage activity. 

 Mark Faulk,

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 Dear Shareholders,

 On Monday, April 7, 2008 the Company was served with a lawsuit from the 
 Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC is seeking injunctive relief and 
 disgorgement of profits from numerous parties who were involved with the 
 Company in the past. At the time this lawsuit was filed, I was out of town on 
 Company business and was not able to return to the office until this morning. As 
 you can well imagine, there are many sensitive issues that must be discussed with 
 our corporate legal counsel and with the SEC before any official statements can be 
 released to the public. 

 At this time the Company stands firmly behind the findings of the SEC as they are 
 explained in the lawsuit. Since I was appointed sole officer and director in March 
 of 2007, the Company has cooperated fully with the SEC investigation and I look 
 forward to continuing this relationship.

 As documents and other information become available for release to the public, we 
 will post them on the Company website. 

 Kevin West
 CEO, President  & Chairman

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 Dear Shareholders,

 For several years now, I have listened to rumors and unfounded fantasies about 
 shareholder payouts and naked short trust funds. These rumors have no factual 
 basis and I feel compelled to once again address these issues. 

 Like many of you, I once believed there was an involvement or some sort of covert 
 action taking place behind the scenes which might suggest an ongoing sting or 
 conspiracy theory.  Just as many of you are now doing, I spent endless hours 
 performing due diligence and engaging in talks with other shareholders. At that 
 time, I did not have the facts before me that I have today. I have shared many of 
 these facts with you through providing you with sworn declarations, documents and
 other information that is available on the Company website.

 When Urban Casavant and Michael Williams contacted me about becoming 
 interim CEO, I demanded to know more about what was really going on before 
 accepting the job. I was promised more information and given many stories that 
 seemed credible at the time. Because I was so trusting and wanted so badly to 
 believe that things were being done for the benefit of the shareholders, I made the 
 decision to accept the position being offered. This was a hard decision to make 
 because I already had a very good job.

 When I accepted the job as interim CEO, I did so because I felt that no matter 
 what the circumstances were I would be in a position to help the shareholders.  I 
 also believed that if there were unknown problems facing Urban and CMKM that I 
 could be of some help in resolving those problems.   My sincere thought was that if 
 there was ever going to be a return to these shareholders, I believed in my heart 
 that my efforts would assist Urban and whoever he might have been working with 
 to finally bring everything to fruition.

 I must say that my seven months as interim CEO was not a good experience. 
 Unfortunately, what I learned did not in any way support the rumors or fantasies 
 that I had been hearing for years.   The facts uncovered since accepting the job as 
 permanent CEO have also proven quite a different story to the ones that I was 
 being told and a whole new set of facts came to light. 

 I made a promise when I became your CEO that I would do everything I could 
 possibly do to report the condition of the Company and the facts as I found them 
 to you as objectively as possible.   I assumed that presenting facts via documents 
 and sworn declarations would be helpful to the shareholders and would minimize 
 the rumors and fantasies that have been so rampant for the last several years. 
 While this has minimized the effect of these rumors to some extent, the rumors are 
 still fueling false hopes to many.

 Upon becoming sole officer and Director in March of last year, I made an 
 immediate decision to cooperate in every way possible with any law enforcement 
 and regulatory bodies that have been investigating this Company.  Almost every 
 day I spend time investigating the occurrences of the past few years.   The results 
 of our many investigations will be important as we proceed with our civil litigation. 

 Let it be known that there have not been any law enforcement agencies nor any 
 regulatory bodies (SEC and others) that have contacted me to request my help or 
 my assistance in any of their investigations.    However, I did make personal 
 contact with many of them and have since provided numerous files and documents 
 which contained information that I believe may be of some help to government 
 investigators.    It should come as no surprise that there are criminal investigations 
 and SEC enforcement investigations that have been ongoing in CMKM for several 
 years now. 

 Part of my duty as CEO is to be able to identify our bona fide shareholders.   I 
 have been conducting a very extensive and ongoing shareholder audit since I took 
 office last year.    Several months ago it was brought to my attention that there 
 were some illegally issued certificates.  Since that time, we have uncovered many 
 forged stock powers and other irregularities in the stock issuing process.   We have 
 begun contacting numerous shareholders requesting proof of payment or of any 
 services rendered as payment for their stock.  We have had to engage in this 
 lengthy process because the company records, in many cases, do not show 
 payment or services rendered as payment for stock being issued. 

 Since we have irrefutable proof of forged signatures and other types of irregularities 
 on many of the documents necessary for the valid issuance of shares, I have 
 instituted a policy of reviewing proposed stock transfers before our transfer agent 
 does the job it is entrusted to do. 
 As CEO, it was my decision to review all proposed transfers. The transfer agent 
 (under SEC rules) makes the final decisions on whether or not a stock transfer 
 complies with appropriate rules and laws.  This reviewing process was not 
 suggested to me by any agency nor is it required, approved or condoned by any 
 law enforcement agency or regulatory body.

 If there are any stock transfer requests coming in from shareholders that I feel 
 might be of interest to law enforcement or the SEC, then I feel compelled to make 
 such information available to them.  Law enforcement and the SEC may or may not 
 find the information I forward to them helpful.   There has never been an approval 
 or denial given to me by the SEC nor any law enforcement agency for any of the 
 proposed transfers that have been requested by shareholders since I have become 
 CEO.   Law enforcement and the SEC may or may not do further investigation on 
 the proposed transfers.  In light of the knowledge that I have about past 
 irregularities, I believe it is my duty to review proposed transfers.  If there are any 
 proposed transfers of this stock that I feel might be of interest to law enforcement 
 or the SEC, I forward the materials to them. I do not want it to appear that this 
 company is in any way protecting, condoning or hiding such transfers. 
 I will continue reviewing proposed transfers as part of my duty as CEO of this 
 company.  However, my act of reviewing company stock transfers and forwarding 
 the information to any government agency should not be considered as any proof 
 of some expected payout.   It appears there are still a small number of shareholders 
 that wish to encourage these fantasies, but I feel duty bound to tell you the facts as 
 I know them to be. 

 There are shareholders stating that I have said these stock transfer proposals were 
 being reviewed and approved by the SEC.  I felt it necessary to tell you that such 
 statements are completely untrue.   I have merely told a few shareholders that I 
 was sharing the information with the SEC and that I would continue the transfer 
 process after a few days from forwarding that information to them. I have told 
 several shareholders in writing what I am telling you in this update. 

 I have also heard that some shareholders were hoping to sell some of their stock to 
 new investors because they believed these actions were proof of some eventual 
 windfall.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It would be a terrible injustice 
 for someone to interpret these acts as some proof of an eventual payout or any 
 potential benefit to the shareholders. 

 I reiterate to you that our lawsuits, depositions by government agencies, documents 
 and statements of witnesses do not suggest there has ever been one penny placed 
 in trust nor set aside for the company shareholders.  Our lawsuits are based on 
 facts.  The supporting declarations are factual.   All documents posted on our 
 website are factual.  There is not one iota of factual evidence that shows that any 
 actions were ever taken nor money set aside by previous management for any type 
 of eventual payout to the shareholders of this Company. 

 I have tremendous faith in our legal team and I believe that they have made huge 
 steps forward in the eventual recovery of some of the assets that were purchased 
 with your investment dollars. While it is our plan to eventually return to a trading 
 status of some kind, we cannot even contemplate becoming publicly traded in any 
 form until we can build a real business that has tangible assets, a full Board of 
 Directors, a management team and a business plan that has foreseeable revenues. 
 In other words… a real business.

 I fully realize that making such statements will not be well received by a small 
 number of shareholders who feel it necessary to fuel your hopes with absolute 
 falsehoods.  I want to emphasize once again that I have never told anyone that our 
 stock transfers are being approved, disapproved or even being reviewed by the 
 SEC.   I am simply forwarding our information to the SEC out of an abundance of 
 precaution that any such transfers might be of help to them as they do their jobs of 
 enforcing the securities laws. 

 I would request that shareholders ignore the many false rumors and tune into the 
 Company website for factual information and updates as they are provided. 


 Kevin West
 CEO, President & Chairman

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 Dear Shareholders,

 It has been over eight months since the reigns to this Company were signed over to 
 me by Urban Casavant.  There has been a lot of work accomplished during this 
 time that has not been made readily available to the public because of ongoing 
 litigation. During these last few months, the Company has subpoenaed and 
 otherwise acquired over 200,000 pages of documentation that has well established 
 what really happened to your investments. Many of you have read the lawsuits that 
 the Company has filed and understand the facts that are presented under oath in 
 these petitions. Some of you have continued to deny what has taken place in this 
 Company under the control of former management and are looking to current 
 management for answers to questions that have been answered over and over. 

 In the normal course of litigation, the plaintiff does not give out the documented 
 evidence it has acquired for dissemination to the public. Normally a statement of 
 facts is presented in the lawsuit petition along with exhibits to support those facts. 
 This is eventually followed by interrogatories and document requests by the 
 opposing side. In our lawsuit filed by the Company against former management and 
 other insiders, there has not been an opposing side to show up in court to request 
 our evidence. I have discussed releasing some of our documented evidence to the 
 shareholders via this public website. Company legal counsel has advised me against 
 doing this because it is not a normal legal course of action. However, I am going to 
 release a portion of our evidence because of the obligation that I feel to the 
 shareholders to share with them the facts as they have happened. There are many 
 documents that simply cannot and will not be made public at this time due to their 
 role in a potential recovery of assets.  With the support of our legal team, I still 
 hope to be able to recover some of the assets that belong to the Company.  If and 
 when enough assets are recovered, they can provide a financial basis for this 
 Company to appoint a Board of Directors and hire officers to initiate a formal 
 business plan and finally move this Company forward to become a real and viable 

 Many are wondering about the talk in the past of naked shorting of the 
 Company’s stock when it was publicly traded. The Company does have 
 proof of actual fails to deliver in our stock. The number of fails and the number of 
 shareholders affected by this problem have not yet been established due to an 
 ongoing shareholder audit. Most people do not realize the number of hours and the 
 amount of money that has to be expended with every step the Company takes in 
 any of the ongoing issues, the shareholder audit being one of most exhaustive of 
 these resources. Having a shareholder base of 40,000+ people multiplied by the 
 fact that our shareholder base is from around the world, makes every step a 
 massive undertaking. Because of the enormous size and international locations of 
 our shareholder base, any event that would require the Company to attempt 
 notification of all shareholders through a certified process would cost a minimum of 
 $250,000 by the time all costs were added together. 

 Many are asking me to disclose my personal salary. Since this is a private 
 company, I am not obligated to do so. However, since it is not a big secret, I will 
 provide this information to you.  Just before his resignation on March 29th of this 
 year, the former Chairman of this Company gave me a new 3 year contract as sole 
 officer and director of the Company at $10,000 per month. Since the Company 
 was left with little more than $500 in the bank when I took over on March 29, 
 2007, the Company has relied upon loans put together by Bill Frizzell to continue 
 to survive. Because most of this money has to be used in an effort to recover assets 
 for continued survival, my personal income has been very minimal and has not been 
 enough for my salary to be paid in full through July of this year.

 Many are asking about the interpleader action that was supposed to have been 
 filed by the former attorney of CMKM Diamonds, Inc., John T. Moran lll. The 
 Company still does not know what actually took place during the time that Mr. 
 Moran was hired to file the interpleader because that attorney is still refusing to turn 
 over our Company’s file. At this time, the Company is now involved in yet 
 another lawsuit that was filed by Entourage Mining in British Columbia in an effort 
 to reclaim the shares of Entourage stock that was supposed to be included in the 
 interpleader that was never filed in Nevada. This lawsuit must be decided before 
 any further actions can be discussed or taken with these holdings. 

 The Company will not answer to threats by shareholders or anyone else. Current 
 letters that have come to my attention that are threatening a phone, fax and email 
 campaign will not be answered in any way, shape or form. Anyone that believes 
 that wasting the very limited time and resources of our legal team and other service 
 professionals are only looking for ways to get recognition and these acts are no 
 help to the Company or the shareholders. These suggested ways to try and
 manipulate management into discussing matters that are pure fantasy are only going 
 to further delay what we are trying to accomplish for the good of everyone.

 Bill Frizzell and I have taken time out of our very busy schedule to visit with many 
 shareholders who have dropped in without an appointment, but our limited time 
 simply does not allow for unscheduled visits in the future. I would suggest that these 
 individuals get a shareholder representative to call the law firm and ask to schedule 
 an appointment to come and look at the real facts.  If shareholders want to hire an 
 attorney and have that attorney call Bill Frizzell, he will be happy to schedule time 
 for him or her also. 

 As discussed earlier in this update, I am going to release some of our many 
 documents on this website for shareholders to view. These documents are going to
 be released as we have time to put them into a form suitable for public viewing. 
 These documents are only being shared as a way to show shareholders the truth as 
 to what has happened. The Company will not give any opinions on these 
 documents as they are pretty much self-explanatory. 

 Out of everything that I have to deal with on a daily basis, my biggest burden is for 
 the families of those that continue to live in a fantasy land of big checks coming that 
 will save the day. Families are suffering for the actions of spouses that are addicted 
 to these get-rich-quick rumors. There are no checks coming from any source. As 
 shareholders, our only hope for liquidity and any possible ROI in the future is to get 
 this Company back to trading status with value in it so that you can one day make 
 a choice to either sell your holdings or hold on and grow with the Company. Those 
 that continue talk of checks are only misleading you for their own purposes or for 
 the purposes of those that do not want to face the wrath of this shareholder base 
 for the crimes that they have committed against them. 

 As the CEO, I am thrilled with the results of our legal work. I have confidence we 
 will be successful in our efforts to rebuild this Company.

 Kevin West
 CEO, President & Chairman

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 To all CMKM shareholders:

 Many rumors of funds payable to Company shareholders are still circulating. There 
 simply is no truth to these rumors as stated in several statements from the Company 
 up to and including the last FAQ posted on this website on October 30, 2007:

    “Lawsuits were filed against former insiders of CMKM in an attempt to recover 
 assets that should have belonged to the Company. There is absolutely no evidence 
 that any monies were ever set aside for some type of distribution to the 
 shareholders. The facts set out in the exhibits to these lawsuits are based on 
 documents the company has obtained since Urban Casavant resigned as CEO of 
 the company. The evidence obtained by the company since March of this year 
 shows millions of dollars that have gone to family members and other insiders and 
 were not spent on the business of the company."

 It has come to my attention that the SGGM transaction has been the source of 
 many present rumors suggesting payouts loom for the shareholders. I have on this 
 date posted several documents which we obtained through the discovery process 
 of our lawsuits. The evidence we have obtained indicates the St. George Metals, 
 Inc. transaction with CMKM Diamonds, Inc. was never consummated. There is no 
 evidence that St. George Metals, Inc. exists today for any purpose. The corporate 
 status was revoked on April 1, 2007. 

 Kevin West
 CEO, President & Chairman 

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 To all CMKM shareholders:

 Now posted are documents which have been submitted by agreement to the 
 Manitoba Securities commission.  The company will not be in attendance at the 
 scheduled hearing on October 31, 2007.   In a previous posting CMKM counsel 
 referred in his cover letter to the Saskatchewan Order as an agreed order.  We 
 have since learned that CMKM Diamonds, Inc. never responded to the 
 Saskatchewan Commission’s proceedings in 2004.   Rather than an agreed 
 order by the Company, it is our understanding the Company did not respond to the 
 Saskatchewan Commission’s proceedings in November of 2004.  We are 
 continuing our investigation into these matters. 

 Kevin West
 CEO, President & Chairman 

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 To all CMKM shareholders:

 I am posting a copy of the Consent Order which I have signed today on the advice 
 of our attorney.   Our investigation continues into the matters that have resulted in 
 problems with various regulatory commissions.   The company has received no 
 information from any source which would provide us with any defense to the 
 actions sought by the Manitoba Commission.   We continue in our attempts to 
 learn why the Company agreed to a Consent Order in Saskatchewan in 2004.  We 
 will post any relevant information on the company website.

 Kevin West
 CEO, President & Chairman 

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 To all CMKM shareholders:

 Our investigation has uncovered checks in substantial amounts from individuals and 
 companies related to former CMKM management payable to Go Fast Nevada 
 and other Go Fast entities. Our company attorneys have issued a subpoena to 
 Community Bank for certain records of Go Fast Nevada.  We have been informed 
 of an objection to our subpoena by Go Fast Nevada.  An attorney for Go Fast 
 Nevada has contacted our company attorney regarding the matter.  An agreement 
 will be worked out between the parties on these objections or a hearing will be 
 requested before Judge Denton. 

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman 

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 To all CMKM shareholders:

 As many of you are aware, CMKM Diamonds, Inc. is currently involved in a total 
 of five lawsuits in which the Company is the plaintiff in two of them and the 
 defendant in the other three. The Company also has an outstanding issue 
 concerning a Wells notice with the SEC and an issue to be dealt with concerning 
 the Manitoba Securities Commission. Other issues at hand are the actions that the 
 Company is taking to become fully compliant in order to return to trading status.

 Entourage Mining has recently filed suit in British Columbia against 101047025 
 Saskatchewan LTD. and CMKM Diamonds, Inc. to cancel the contract of 
 October 2005 in which our Company was issued 45 million shares of Entourage 
 Mining stock in a restricted certificate.  We have made contact with several law 
 firms in Vancouver.  We will retain counsel to represent the interests of the 
 company and the shareholders.   We have communicated with the attorney for 
 Entourage.  CMKM has not been served with the lawsuit but we have reached an 
 agreement with counsel for Entourage regarding service of the summons. 
 Entourage counsel is aware of our efforts in retaining counsel in Vancouver.  This 
 lawsuit is very important to this company.  It appears from all records we obtained 
 from prior counsel and all records which we have received from other sources that 
 CMKM has never owned the claims which are now involved in the lawsuit being 
 brought by Entourage.   Our records show substantial money was paid for the 
 claims and for drilling on the claims.   It is the company’s firm belief that 
 these remaining claims should belong to the company because of the money spent 
 to maintain these claims.

 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. is also the defendant in two Nevada State court cases. 

 1. Jay Rutherford vs. CMKM Diamonds, Inc.

      Our Las Vegas attorney has been in communication with 
      Rutherford’s attorney.  There is no discovery ongoing at this 
      point.   Rutherford’s attorney has asked the court to grant a 
      default judgment against Urban Casavant since he has refused to 
      appear for a deposition.  CMKM attorney and Rutherford’s 
      attorney were present for Urban Casavant’s deposition on 
      May 15, 2007 but Urban Casavant did not appear.  Under Nevada 
      law, the court has legal authority to strike the answer of a party that 
      refuses to appear for a deposition.  Rutherford’s attorney is 
      seeking a default judgment against Urban Casavant and 
      CMKXtreme, Inc. 

      The Court has scheduled a hearing for October 17, 2007 on the 
      Motion To Strike filed by Rutherford’s attorney. 
      Rutherford’s attorney is asking the court to strike the answer 
      filed by John T. Moran III on behalf of Urban Casavant and 
      CMKXtreme, Inc. because they failed to show for depositions.  If the 
      answer is stricken, then a default will likely be taken against the Urban 
      Casavant and CMKXtreme. 

 2. Francisco Carrano vs. CMKM Diamonds, Inc.

      The parties are involved in scheduling various discovery matters. 
      The discovery period of a lawsuit is the time when the parties 
      exchange information about the case with each other.  This is 
      important to us because current management had no involvement in 
      the transactions which resulted in this lawsuit.  We expect to receive 
      all documents so that we can better determine what rights we have in 
      this dispute.  There is a discovery hearing set for  October 15, 2007. 
      The orders from the Court will dictate to the parties the deadlines for 
      certain legal matters to be filed.

 The Company has filed two Nevada State court cases against former management 
 and other insiders of the Company. 

 We are continuing our efforts to locate and serve the parties we have sued.   We 
 have issued multiple subpoenas and are awaiting responses from many of the 
 parties who have received our subpoenas. 

 1. CMKM Diamonds, Inc. vs. Dave Desormeau; John Edwards; Does 
 1-50; and Roes 1-50

      We are currently considering our options in the Edwards/Desormeau 
      lawsuit.  We have expended significant funds and made numerous 
      attempts to serve John Edwards at several known addresses.  Our 
      investigation continues into the acts of Mr. Desormeau and Mr. 

 2.     CMKM Diamonds, Inc. vs. Urban Casavant; The UAJC 2005 
 Irrevocable Trust; Michael Williams; Deshawn L. Wayne; Brian Dvorak; 
 James Kinney; Ginger Gutierrez; P.A. Holdings, Inc.; Bucko LLC; Does 
 1-20; and Roes 1-20

      In a hearing this week in Las Vegas, Judge Denton granted our 
      motion to enlarge the time to serve the summons and complaint for an 
      additional 90 days. David Koch has submitted an order for the 
      court's signature and we will post a copy of the order once we have 
      received it from the Court. 

      We also requested permission to serve the summons and complaint 
      via publication on all parties that have not been served or filed an 
      answer.  The judge indicated he was inclined to permit us to do so, he 
      asked that we submit a formal written application.  Mr. Koch has
      agreed to file such application for service by publication. 

 Bill Frizzell has made contact with an attorney at the Manitoba Commission.  Since 
 current management was not involved with the company’s acts which have 
 been alleged in the proceeding being brought by the Manitoba Commission, we 
 have requested certain items from the Manitoba Commission’s file.  We will 
 respond appropriately when we receive the requested information from the 

 The Company has not filed an official response to the Wells Notice but we are in 
 contact with the SEC regarding the matter.   Current management was not involved 
 in the matters being alleged by the commission when the acts occurred.   We are 
 acquiring information through various sources so that we can adequately respond 
 to the matters raised in the Wells Notice. 

 As we have previously discussed, the Company is working diligently to obtain the 
 financial records and company documents which were used to transact hundreds of 
 business and stock deals over the last four years.  We have been fortunate to have 
 subpoena power to obtain certain documents and financial records.  Some of the 
 records we are requesting are voluminous and because of the large volume, we 
 occasionally receive requests for extensions of time from those parties that receive 
 our subpoenas.   Delays often occur through no fault of the company, but the 
 material is vitally important to our efforts to have a set of auditable books.  We 
 have discovered many transactions that will need documentation before this 
 company can become compliant.  We are succeeding in our efforts to obtain all 
 needed records.

 Many shareholders have inquired as to why the Company feels that it is feasible to 
 return to trading with no tangible assets. We are not prepared to guess at what 
 assets the Company may have in the future. Current management knows and 
 understands that the Company will need to have tangible assets and a well 
 structured business plan in order to have any chance of success in the markets. 
 We continue our efforts in this regard.

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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 To all CMKM shareholders:

 The Company has reviewed the Entourage filing of August 28, 2007. We are not 
 yet in receipt of the lawsuit mentioned in this filing. The Company will obtain legal 
 counsel in Canada to take appropriate actions on behalf of the Company. The 
 Company will take whatever measures are necessary to protect the rights of the 
 Company and its shareholders. We will provide updates to you as events occur.

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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 To all CMKM shareholders:

 I am very pleased today to announce the addition of a brand new feature to the 
 CMKM Diamonds web site: the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. 

 CMKM attorney Bill Frizzell and I have been struggling to remedy the shareholder 
 communications dilemma: there are no funds to support a full-time IR position, and 
 the legal effort Bill and I are undertaking leaves us with little or no time to 
 personally respond to individual phone calls, letters and emails. 

 Nevertheless, we recognize the high importance of maintaining an effective channel 
 of communication between shareholders and company management. Absent such 
 communication, the vacuum tends to be filled with rumors and no factual 

 Our FAQ section offers what we feel is an effective, efficient way to address your 
 questions for the benefit of the largest possible number of shareholders. A 
 prominent feature of the new section is that each and every question comes from 
 you, the shareholders. 

 The following email address has been set up for the receipt of your questions to 
 CMKM management:


 Approximately twice per month, Bill and I will select a number of questions from 
 among  those submitted, and post both questions and answers in the FAQ section. 
 Previous sessions will remain on the site for future reference. This first session is 
 made up of questions that have come in from several different shareholders. From 
 now on, however, only questions sent directly to the FAQ address will be 
 considered for selection.

 Questions not selected for a particular posting session will be deleted. Therefore, if 
 your question has not been addressed and you’d like to give it another shot, 
 feel free to re-submit your question for the next session. Please do not expect any 
 personal replies to questions submitted to the FAQ address. The only replies will 
 be auto-responses to acknowledge that questions have been received.

 We are working hard on a daily basis to bring value to this company. There is no 
 quick fix to the damage that has been done in the last four plus years. I would ask 
 for shareholders to realize that it is going to take some time to put the right pieces 
 together before this Company can be in a position to move forward to becoming a 
 trading company once again. 

 Have a great weekend,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 CMKM attorney Bill Frizzell is going to provide you with today’s update as 
 provided below. We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July 

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

 To CMKM shareholders,

 I have advised Kevin not to answer specific questions regarding litigation matters. 
 It is not legally appropriate for a CEO to discuss company business that is in 
 litigation with shareholders or other third parties.  For this reason, I have agreed to 
 update you in a general fashion on certain matters. 

 A Wells Notice was issued to the company in February of 2007.   The attorney 
 representing the company at that time failed to timely respond to the notice.   The 
 allegations in the Wells Notice involve matters that occurred while Mr. West was 
 not involved with company management.  A full and complete response by the 
 company requires information which we are seeking at this time through the 
 Courts.  I have discussed this matter with the SEC and I am confident the company 
 can make a full and complete response in cooperation with the SEC. 

 We have obtained financial records of the company from several banks and 
 brokerage houses beginning in 2002 and continuing to the present.   It is taking an 
 extraordinary amount of time because of the sheer volume of records that were 
 generated over the years.  These records are necessary for the preparation of 
 audited financials.     When Kevin assumed his position of CEO, he was told by 
 various lawyers and former insiders there have never been any official books of the 
 company.  There has never been a corporate tax return filed.  There is not a set of 
 books from 2002 through the present date.   We will eventually obtain all the 
 records necessary to have an audited set of books.   I can give you no specific 
 date when this process will conclude.   The work is ongoing daily.  This is the first 
 and most important step to a return to trading by the company.   The rumors of 
 payouts and huge trust funds are not supported by the records being examined by 
 Kevin, the accountants and the attorneys. 

 David Desormeau has been served and he has filed an answer.  We are awaiting 
 service on John Edwards.  Once Mr. Edwards is served, discovery will begin in 
 that litigation.   Urban Casavant has not been served but efforts are ongoing to 
 have him served.  Our investigation is continuing to support additional claims 
 against new parties for personal loans and disbursements which were made from 
 company funds to individuals and other third parties.  We find records of millions of 
 dollars which were loaned or gifted out to other parties but never returned to the 
 company.   We expect to be adding additional parties to our litigation in the next 
 few weeks. 

 There have been many inquiries about our ongoing naked short investigation.   We 
 are providing Susanne Trimbath with certain information that she has requested. 
 Although the company is continuing its investigation into the problem of identifying 
 its bona fide shareholders, the litigation is taking priority and consuming most of our 
 time at this point. 

 The Entourage and interpleader situation is undergoing extensive review and 
 discussion.   Mr. West has not yet received any files from previous Company 
 attorneys regarding work that was done on the interpleader.  Mr. Stoecklein has 
 continued to hold the Entourage certificate in his possession.  Please follow the 
 company website for developments. 

 Management will provide quarterly updates to its shareholders with the next 
 scheduled update to occur on September 30, 2007. Any significant event or 
 occurrence will be reported through interim updates on an as needed basis.

 Bill Frizzell
 Attorney for CMKM Diamonds, Inc. 

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 Our local counsel in Las Vegas, David Koch, attended the scheduled hearing this 
 past Monday at the Nevada District Courthouse. Judge Denton granted our 
 request for Preliminary Injunction as to Urban Casavant and the other parties that 
 have previously been served. The Court granted the injunction as to Urban 
 Casavant based on testimony produced in court showing that Mr. Casavant had 
 received sufficient notice of the proceedings, but had failed to respond.

 The order that was filed on 6-08-07 is now available on the Company website. As 
 soon as the new order is filed and received from the court, it will also be made 
 available on the Company website.

 Be sure to remember to express to your Dad just how much he means to you on 
 this Father’s Day weekend. And to you fathers out there; “I don't 
 care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich”.  ~M*A*S*H, Colonel 

 Thank you for your continued support,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 On behalf of the Company, I attended the scheduled hearing with our attorneys on 
 Wednesday morning at the Nevada District Courthouse in Las Vegas. Once again, 
 there were not any defendants or attorneys for the defendants present. In order to 
 allow more time for some of the defendants to be served, the Temporary 
 Restraining Order was extended along with continued rights of full discovery. A 
 motion for the preliminary injunction will be heard in Judge Denton’s court 
 on Monday, June 11th.  Attorney for CMKM, David Koch, will be present for this 
 motion without the need for Bill Frizzell or myself to be there.

 Based on the results of the subpoenas that we have sent out over the last few 
 weeks, and depending on the advice of our attorneys, we may be adding a new 
 party or parties to an amended TRO.

 I appreciate the shareholders that attended the courthouse to show their support. 
 Some questions were asked by shareholders that cannot be answered at this time 
 due to litigation matters. 

 I will continue to keep you up to date on events as they unfold. Have a wonderful 
 weekend with family and friends. 

 Thank you for your continued support,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 We have posted the amended TRO for shareholders to view in the Documents 
 section. I am spending many hours each day working with our attorneys on the 
 discovery phase of the litigation matters involving the Company.

 As you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend with friends and family, please 
 spend at least a few moments in silence to remember those that have given their 
 lives so that we may continue to enjoy the freedom that their sacrifice has made 

 Thank you for your continued support,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 As of today, CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has engaged the accounting firm of Henry & 
 Peters, P.C. The two accountants that will be working on the Company’s 
 behalf are Gary D. Penkilo and William H. Bundy. 

 Mr. Penkilo is also a certified fraud examiner (CFE) and is in charge of the 
 firm’s fraud examination department. His team of fraud examiners and 
 accountants investigate, analyze and summarize financial data and then 
 communicate their findings in the form of reports, exhibits and collections of 
 documents. They also provide assistance in legal proceedings, including testifying in 
 court as expert witnesses and preparing visual aids to support trial evidence.

 Mr. Bundy is also accredited in business valuation (ABV) by the AICPA and is the 
 Vice-President of Henry & Peters, P.C. He heads the firm’s business 
 valuation and litigation departments. In addition to the above, Mr. Bundy has 
 performed forensic work damage calculations, asset discovery and tracing, 
 verification with court ordered actions and other matters related to litigation.

 Thank you for your continued support,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 On behalf of the Company, I attended the scheduled hearing with our attorneys on 
 Tuesday at the Nevada District Courthouse in Las Vegas. There were no 
 defendants or attorneys for defendants present. In order to allow more time for all 
 defendants to be served, Judge Denton continued the Temporary Restraining 
 Order until the next scheduled hearing at 10:00 a.m. on 5-30-07. CMKM attorney 
 David Koch asked that a couple of amendments be made in the TRO to include a 
 different trading account that has been located and belonging to the UAJC Trust. It 
 was a pleasure to meet with the few shareholders that showed up at the courthouse 
 and I very much appreciated their efforts to attend and I am very thankful for their 

 We are continuing our search for assets and have greatly expanded our efforts to 
 obtain all documentation related to the operating history of the Company. I will 
 continue to keep you up to date on events as they happen.

 Thank you for your continued support,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 I will be in Nevada State District Court this coming Tuesday with the attorneys that 
 the Company has hired. We are seeking rulings on our requests for a temporary 
 restraining order and injunctive relief. 

 A sincere and genuine effort is underway in an attempt to recover value that our 
 legal team and I believe was inappropriately removed from the company by former 
 insiders. Litigation timeframes are inexact. While this litigation is proceeding, we are 
 working with accountants to help us regain reporting status. A part of the injunctive 
 relief involves protection against those that might want to impede our efforts to 
 obtain all financial records of the Company. 

 Any cause of action that I take must contribute to the stability and long term 
 success of the Company. The current litigation and my findings in the continuing 
 investigation into all recoverable assets will be important as we proceed. If an 
 Interpleader action truly distributes the sole remaining asset of the Company, such 
 action may not be in the best interests of the Company. We are discussing other 
 ways to identify our shareholder base without filing an Interpleader. A lot of 
 options exist and we are examining them in great detail.

 The Company has recently retained the services of Susanne Trimbath who is the 
 CEO and Chief Economist of STP Advisors in Santa Monica, California. Ms. 
 Trimbath has agreed to help the Company in our efforts to determine “fails 
 to deliver” in our stock. She is currently reviewing much of the material 
 gathered by the Company in the last two years including but not limited to: NOBO 
 lists, shareholder certificate lists, DTC security position reports and information 
 gathered about certain brokers during the cert pull.

 For reasons unknown, there are individuals who continue to disseminate improper, 
 inaccurate, misleading and potentially damaging information regarding CMKM, its 
 current and future actions and corporate activities. There are still many references 
 being passed around as to negotiated payouts, settlements, government stings, etc. 
 There are no such activities and I must again ask that all shareholders completely 
 dismiss any of this misinformation. 

 Many shareholders are requesting answers to a myriad of questions. A large 
 portion of these questions concern matters that are involved in litigation. The 
 attorneys have asked me not to answer privately or publicly many of these 
 questions that I get from shareholders. We have individuals that do not want this 
 company to succeed. It is not proper during litigation to disclose certain information 
 that might be helpful to our opponents: matters such as arrangements with attorneys 
 regarding legal fees and their expenses, payments for expert consultants and their 
 expenses and payments for any other professional needs. Please be advised that 
 the Company has made more than adequate arrangements for funding in each of 
 these areas. 

 I also get regular questions from shareholders that suggest that the Company is 
 involved in secret plans and meetings on matters not being officially disseminated to 
 the shareholders. The current state of the Company can be determined by reading 
 the “facts” that are set out “under oath” in our 
 lawsuits and court pleadings.

 I have been visiting with experts about the Entourage claims and the core samples 
 which I have personally examined. I will report to you any plans regarding these 
 assets when I have something definitive to discuss with you.

 I look forward to sharing another update with you sometime next week after our 

 Don’t forget to tell your Mothers how much you love and care for them and 
 please have a safe and happy Mother’s Day weekend. 

 Thank you for your continued support,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 I want to make you aware of three documents that are now available online for you 
 to view on the “documents” page of this website. These three 
 documents are pertinent to the assets that were once owned by the Company. 

 I am presently working on information to share with you in the next press release to
 be made public within the next couple of days. 

 Thank you for your continued support,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman
 The New CMKM

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 4-18-07 Update #2
    To all CMKM shareholders:-

 It has come to my attention that the Abadgoodgirls, Jay Adobes and Acca 
 Dacca’s of this world are spinning my updates as they have done with 
 every update or press release of the past. 
 Your NEW management is going to start treating this company like a real 
 company. The things these individuals are saying are false. There is no delivery 
 coming to your house after the PR on Friday. Please do not listen to rumors of 
 fortunes waiting just around the corner nor rumors of large trust accounts that have 
 been set up with money or other assets to be delivered to shareholders. These 
 rumors are simply not true. 

 The former Chairman stepping down last month has absolutely nothing to do with a 
 plan. There is no secret sting in place, compartmentalized management or any other 
 such secret operation. This is a very critical time, and if we don’t correct 
 the problems from the past, we will further delay our move into the future. These 
 posters and others like them are part of the problems from the past. Apparently, 
 giving frequent and factual information has not stopped these individuals from 
 preying on innocent shareholders. 

 It breaks my heart every time I hear of one of these posters stirring up the 
 shareholder base with the excitement of a looming payout. Please understand that 
 these posters are only feeding on your emotions and I cannot allow it to continue. I 
 am currently in discussion with our legal counsel about our legal options against 
 people that post blatantly false information pertaining to our Company.

 We are in a rebuilding stage and everything will become more evident after this 
 next press release. 

 Thank you for your continued support,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman
 The New CMKM

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    4-18-07 Update #1 

 It has been another busy week. We have an extremely large amount of information 
 to share with you in the next press release. I must once again ask for your patience 
 during the next couple of days as we finalize the actions that precede the press 
 release. The press release is written, but the information to be provided along with 
 it is not finished and it is of utmost importance that everything is done in order. 
 Again, we have no room for error. I am going to go ahead and share some 
 information of the progress that we are making with you today.

 The Frizzell Law Firm is assisting the Company in the hiring of accounting 
 professionals which we need without further delay. We have begun discussions 
 with a Tyler CPA firm. We are seeking help from a CPA with the proper forensic 
 experience and certifications. We are convinced there is a large volume of records 
 that have been lost, misplaced or destroyed. We will obtain all financial records of 
 this company and we will have these records audited.

 Bill is conducting a full scale investigation into the sale of bulk certs which seems to 
 be an ongoing problem. We are concerned about certs that were obtained with 
 forged signatures from people that were at one time close to company insiders. It is 
 the company's intention to cancel any illegal, forged or unauthorized shares 
 regardless of how they were obtained. This is part of the shareholder and 
 outstanding share audit we have been undergoing and transparency is a 
 requirement in everything we are doing.

 The Frizzell Law Firm has also assisted CMKM by hiring attorney Rich Lottmann 
 to assist in the restructuring of the Company. Rich is advising me on changing the 
 domicile of the company as well as other matters to include the best way to 
 proceed in attracting new management to help us turn our company around. Work 
 is already in progress to move the corporate home of CMKM to Texas.

 We are working very hard to get a lot of situations handled at one time. Please 
 have the respect and courtesy not to call any of the attorneys or firms mentioned in 
 any updates or press releases. I understand your anxiousness and need for 
 verification, but these professionals have a huge workload and time is of the 
 essence for CMKM. I will provide you with updates on progress as it becomes 

 Thank you so very much for your support and understanding,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman

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    To all CMKM shareholders:

 It has been a very busy 2 weeks, but progress is being made on a daily basis. 

 One of the things I am most sensitive about is communicating with you when I say I 
 am going to do so. I know that some of you have doubted my word in the past and 
 that it was mostly because of my silence during the last 6 months.  Hopefully, you 
 can now understand that I simply had no control over any of the decisions being 
 made at that time. 

 I know that I must now once again earn your absolute trust. In my quest for 
 rebuilding your trust, I have put myself into a position to get things done on a highly 
 accelerated timeline. However, while trying to progress in this fashion, I also am 
 very aware of the fact that we have no room for error. I want to communicate with 
 you as often as possible and have chosen to put a CEO Update section on the 
 website to make sure that I can communicate with you at least on a weekly basis. 

 I would ask that you be as patient with me as possible during this time. There is 
 much work to be done in a very short timeframe and we are working through the
 weekends to get it all done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I especially need 
 your patience with me when something arises that keeps me from putting out a PR 
 in the timeframe that I have put myself under. 

 Having said all that, I need to delay the PR that I said was coming out this week by 
 just a few days. I will do my best to have it out by Wednesday of this next week. 
 Thank you so very much for your patience and understanding.

 Have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends,

 Kevin West
 CEO, President and Chairman



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