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Information from September 08, 2011 - September 17, 2010

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Shareholder update 9.08.11

Dear Fellow CMKM Shareholders,

I spoke with many of you last Friday on my first day on the job for you. I came away  flooded with emotion. After
hearing of your concerns, situations, welcoming your tough questions as well as your kind remarks and well wishes, I
came away from every call with a feeling of solidarity that I had never felt before. Thank you.

To be a CMKM shareholder is an honorable thing. Well shall prevail.  I hereby commit to you to try and be a
conduit between our company and its shareholders. I feel it is important for me to state that our current CMKM
Management and Board of Directors are to commended for their honesty, integrity and dedication to not only our
company  but to our shareholder base as well.

I recently met most of them while in Las Vegas last month attending the recent trial. When that case went to the
jury, I believe we all felt we had presented our case well and we were optimistic of a positive outcome. Although no
monetary judgment was awarded by the jury from defendants Roger Glenn or Edwards Angell Palmer and Dodge, the
Company did prevail with a combined $70 million judgment from defendants Urban Casavant, Ginger Gutierrez and
James Kinney.

My wife, Carol, and I attended the hearing for a total of 5 days and following is my perception of the individuals that
represented CMKM at the Las Vegas hearing:  Mr. Jim Lowden sat at the plaintiff's table projecting a very
distinguished, relaxed and confident persona as the President of the Company. Attorney Bill Frizzell and his team 
gave it their all and looked as if they were absolutely exhausted when it was over. In my opinion, it was a job well done.
Thank you, Bill. Two of the CMKM Directors, Tom Stephenson and Stan Polsom, were in attendance and added
further strengthening to our case as an ongoing concern. I would like to add that I have in the past met all three
Directors of CMKM and would represent to you that Mr. Stephenson, Mr. Polsom and Mr. Summers are among the
most honorable men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I can state without a shadow of doubt that there exists a
very healthy relationship complete with a necessary check and balance system between the Board of Directors and the
Officers of the Company. Finally, in my opinion, Kevin West is the unsung hero of the group although he always insists
that he has done nothing on his own and that it always is and has been a team effort. He is a warm, friendly and
outgoing person who is also well spoken, knowledgeable and passionate. My hat is off to all of them. I look forward
to the potential of what the Company is trying to accomplish for all shareholders in the days, weeks, months and years

As for the future, it should be noted that our Company faces many obstacles and difficult decisions. As stated above, I
personally believe that we are in capable hands. The Company intends to release their unaudited 2010 financials in the
coming months.

Call Me, Steve Walker 903-253-0510
Fridays 10am to 6pm Central Time*

New Hours:
* starting October 4, the call line will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-2pm CST.
The last Friday call in date is September 30, 2011.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke


Shareholder update 8.11.11

To the shareholders of CMKM:

We are happy to announce that Steve Walker has signed an agreement with the Company to provide Investor
Relations services. With a background in sales and marketing, Steve Walker has been a Golf Professional for over 30
years. While moonlighting as a day trader, he became involved in CMKM in January 2003. This life altering event, led
him to stock market reform, to which he remains passionate and devoted to today. In taking on this exciting new
challenge for CMKM,  Steve says " my objective is to help reunite CMKM shareholders, so together we can all move
forward, as the company emerges from past problems and readies itself for a bright and prosperous future. It is now
our time CMKM shareholders, so let's get together and show the world how strong we really are. I want to thank Jim,
Kevin, Bill and the Board of Directors for all their tireless efforts and for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the
future of CMKM Diamonds. We cannot change the past, but we can change the future. I stand ready for the task,
please join me." The investor relations hotline is 903-253-0510 and will be open to receive calls from 10am to 6pm
Central time on Fridays starting September 2nd. New dates and times for the hotline will be updated as needed.
Please note that this line will not have voice mail at this time and only live calls between the above mentioned times will
be taken.

As you may already be aware, the Company representatives will be in Las Vegas for trial currently scheduled to begin
on or about August 17th. The case going to trial involves our claims against Urban Casavant, Ginger Gutierrez, James
Kinney, Attorney Roger Glenn and his former law firm Edwards, Angell, Palmer and Dodge.  The case will be
presided over by Judge Elizabeth Gonzales.  The present calendar call for this case is August 15, 2011.  The
Company expects jury selection to begin on August 17th and opening arguments and testimony will begin following
jury selection.  Casavant, Gutierrez and Kinney have defaulted.  Glenn and his law firm are disputing all claims being
made by the Company.  The judge has summoned 100 jurors.  Each of the jurors has filled out 20 page questionnaires
containing questions specific to this case. The courtroom is small with less than 50 seats to accommodate the public.

The Board of Directors is in the process of bringing the Corporation’s bylaws current and is working to amend
them to make sure that we are in full compliance with our commitment to the shareholders and ensuring their rights are
upheld in the State of Texas where we are domiciled. Once amended, the bylaws will be updated to the website. The
Board of Directors and Company Executives remain committed to protecting the interests of the company and the
shareholders as a whole.

While reviewing the current corporate bylaws, the Board of Directors made the determination that the position of CEO
as advertised is not required.  The Board mandated the position of CEO be changed to President. After reviewing the
resumes submitted for the leadership position of the Company, the Directors came to the conclusion that the best
possible candidate for the job is already on board. That said the Directors are very pleased to announce that Mr.
James Lowden has agreed to accept a permanent role as President of the Company.  "The Board of Directors is
extremely pleased that Mr. Lowden has agreed to accept our offer to join the team for the long term and would like to
sincerely thank him for all of his efforts.  Mr. Lowden possesses the necessary business acumen, professional
experience and a keen eye for detail that our company requires to be successful. As the company moves forward, we
are extremely confident that Mr. Lowden will provide the continued leadership, knowledge, and consistent determined
work ethic he has demonstrated during his tenure with the company.  Please join us in welcoming Mr. Lowden to our

The Company would like to extend its gratitude to the other candidates that applied for the CEO / President position.
The response from our request for candidates was very reassuring that there are people committed to assisting us in
making our company successful.

The Board of Directors has asked former officer and Director Kevin West back to take on the role Vice President of
the Company to assist Mr. Lowden in their continued efforts moving the company forward. Both Gentlemen work well
together and through these combined efforts have been able to stand the company back on its feet.  This team is
desirous to see the growth of CMKM.  Mr. West stated, “I am humbled and honored to be asked back by the
Board of Directors. I feel rested and excited to once again be doing my part to help the Company move

The shareholder meeting that was fully intended to be accomplished by June of this year has had to once again be put
on hold. The Directors of the Company wish to make known to the shareholders that the lack of proper funding is the
“only” reason that there has not been a shareholder’s meeting since new management took over
in 2007. With over 50,000 shareholders of record, including over 10% with international mailing addresses, the hard
costs of a meeting at this time is not possible. Even with discounted rates being offered to the Company, the
“minimum” costs of printed, third party mailed and received proxy statements plus envelopes and other
hard costs stand at $175,000. On top of these costs, there will have to be a meeting venue, security and refreshments
to accommodate hundreds and perhaps even thousands of shareholders wanting to attend in person. This puts the
minimum cost to hold an annual shareholder meeting somewhere between $190,000 and $250,000 for one meeting
with the same or even higher costs annually thereafter. That said, the Company would need to have enough cash in the
bank to not only hold the meeting, but to continue to sustain running the Company for at least the next several months
at which time another shareholder meeting would need to be planned, funded and held.  As you can see, the costs of
these meetings are very prohibitive at this time because of the extreme size of our shareholder base.

On February 26th of this year, the Company announced its desire to create a round table team of approximately 7
individuals. Since that time the Company has received fewer resumes than positions needed from shareholders
interested in a possible place on this team. We would like to extend the resume intake period for another 90 days.
After this period, depending on the number of resumes, the Company will give a final review and recommendation to
the Board of Directors for the seven members to be placed.

CMKM and 101047025 Saskatchewan LTD still have a valid agreement in place with the remaining claims from the
Fort a la Corne area.  This agreement calls for the development of a New Corp for the exploration and possible
development of these claims. The Board of Directors of CMKM have already endorsed the agreement to move
forward with the plans for this venture and are patiently waiting for all of the pieces on the Company side of things to
fall into place.

Once again, the Company would like inform the shareholders that we believe in the success of CMKM Diamonds Inc.
and will continue to work for the best interest of the all shareholders.


Friday, April-15-11


We the undersigned are directors of CMKM Diamonds Inc.  We do not believe that the board of directors for
CMKM Diamonds Inc. have been in any way negligent or derelict in any of the duties to inform and protect
shareholders in any matters.

Firstly, your demand letter states that you would like to be informed of “funds purported to exist” in the
Bivens  lawsuit that has been before the courts brought by certain shareholders or on behalf of certain shareholders
through attorney  A. Clifton Hodges.

You spoke to the fact that Mr. Hodges testified under oath in the court proceedings.   On this point we must
respectfully disagree.  Mr. Hodges was speaking on behalf of his client(s) and as such was not under oath.  Lawyers
are allowed to advocate for their client based on facts they believe to be true.  Mr. Hodges was in fact arguing a side
of the case, and as such is not “testifying” as you have misstated in your letter.   “The case
brought by Mr. Hodges was dismissed by the Court and is now on appeal.” Mr. Hodges is pursuing the matter
on appeal at this time. The company has no obligation nor would it be a wise use of resources to attempt to get
involved in this matter.  In fact spending valuable company resources and time on something that has never been
validated by our own extensive investigation would, in the opinion of the board, be irresponsible. This company has
always had an open line of communication with Mr. Hodges.  The company has requested on multiple occasions from
Mr. Hodges any such tangible evidence, including but not limited to any pertinent documentation which.  For reasons
known only to Mr. Hodges, the company has not received any documented evidence of any trust that is
“purported” to exist.  The company has NO knowledge of any type of trust fund and has no evidence
that such a trust has ever existed.

Shareholders have received transparency of everything this board has been doing since it’s inception.   The
Company has posted on the Word Wide Web evidence from our many litigation activities that the company is pursuing
in order to restore money to the company bank accounts.   This is being done for the benefit of all shareholders.  The
Company has stated and restated our goal of being a viable and fully legally compliant company in the future. With in
the last calendar year the Company built the financial records from recovered data that was thought lost at one time,
filed all taxes for pertinent previous years and posted the information on our company website for the shareholders to

With all due respect to the writers of the demand letter to the company, you are misinformed on some of your
“facts”.   It is stated that the concerns of shareholders are “unanswered and ignored”.
This is quite simply not factual.  The company website has court filed documents on it that show where the company is
spending it’s resources.  This is done with great consideration and care in fulfilling our duties to shareholders.

The board at this time finds that the request to pursue action against Mr. Hodges to be misguided and unwise.  The
case before the court as mentioned above was dismissed.  The company has asked for evidence and received none.
There is no meritable action that we can find to take at this time There are simply no accounts, trusts, funds and
settlement damages that the company can find to pursue.  We have stated and restated this several times in the past.
We are hopeful for all shareholders and this company that a compensation fund of some type does exist and that Mr.
Hodges is successful in the pursuit of this matter based on the information he possesses and wishes to keep
confidential. If the company can assist in that endeavour it stands ready to assist Mr. Hodges and his shareholder

Demanding that we pursue something that does not appear to exist would be irresponsible and would cause the
company to expend valuable resources in the process.  We have instructed management to obtain a copy of any trust
agreement holding funds for shareholder regardless of the source, this management has not found evidence any
agreement has ever been in existence.  In response to the accusation that the Board is in breach of its fiduciary duty,
please see the financial statements posted on our company website.

It should also be noted that the Frizzell Law Firm is NOT an officer of the company.  Mr Frizzell is a contingency
attorney that the company hired to perform litigation against the former insiders and associate of the company in order
to recover assets that were illegally taken from the company and it’s shareholders.  You are requested not to
contact his office for information about the company’s affairs. The company is diligently working on searching
for a Public Relations officer that will be available to answer general shareholder questions.  A basic set of protocols
and appropriate contact methods will be posted to our website as soon as this process is completed.  The company is
also reviewing data received from candidates for the CEO position that is vacant and will inform shareholders when a
suitable candidate is chosen.

The Board hereby recognizes the demand to answer the shareholders letter and as evidenced by the date stamp on this
letter we have complied with said demand. Please continue to monitor our website at
http://www.cmkmdiamondsinc.com for further litigation progress and company updates.

The CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Board of Directors


February 26, 2011

To The Shareholders CMKM:

It is with regret that we received the resignation of Mr. Kevin West. Mr. West was a tireless worker for and on behalf
of the shareholders of CMKM Diamonds Inc. When Mr. West was asked to take the position of CEO and President,
the company was at best in terrible shape. No money, no records, no set list of assets, in fact there was nothing but
50,000 disgruntled shareholders all expecting that he could perform a miracle for them. Well, he did. He kept the
company doors open and proceeded to expose and rectify some of the unscrupulous activities of the past.

Mr. West used his best efforts to make certain things happened. It was Kevin's desire that the corporation would one
day be on a solid foundation of accountability. Most importantly that accurate records exist so that every shareholder
could be accounted for and the information the transfer agent needed was correct and noted. Much of this has been
accomplished and the company's financial records are now becoming an asset and not a liability.

Mr. West believes it is time to hand the reins to someone else. He has accomplished a lot of what he has set out to do.
He will agree to continue to help the company as it moves forward.

As reported in earlier updates, CMKM reached another milestone this past year. Using all of the information that was
available to the company and with the assistance of the company's accounting firm, CMKM has filed tax returns dating
all the way back to 2002. 2010 is being prepared and will be filed within a couple of weeks. We would like to thank
Mr. West for his efforts and guidance.

In view of this news, the Board of Directors has asked Mr. James Lowden to assume control while we begin the
search for an able replacement. If any of the shareholders would like to apply, Please send your resumes to P.O. Box
9575, Tyler, Texas 75711. We will only except resumes by mail.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that compensation for this position is negotiable based on the business experience of the
applicant. The person selected for this position may be asked to accept stock in lieu of salary or may be asked to
allow the company to defer his salary pending the sale of certain company assets or until other revenues are realized by
the company.

The current Board of Directors realizes the frustrations expressed by certain shareholders on the lack of information
available from company management. For this reason, we have asked Mr. Lowden to come up with a plan to appoint
a shareholder committee that we can communicate with. Matters such as the plan for a shareholder meeting and other
aspects of company business could be discussed with such a committee. We have asked Mr. Lowden to report to us
of his ideas in this regard. We will report to you through a company update on the official company web site as we
make decisions in this regard.

The Board of Directors


February 26, 2011

To the Shareholders of CMKM Diamonds Inc.
This was a statement made in June of 2010
From the update:
CMKM intends to hold its first ever-official shareholder's meeting within the next 12 months. As you could
imagine, this event will be an extremely large undertaking with a great deal of organizational and monetary
requirements to make it happen correctly. To begin preparing for this event now, it will be necessary to
have current information for as many shareholders as possible. If you intend to be able to vote via proxy
you will need to have a certificate in your name and have a current address on file with the transfer agent.
If you have electronic shares only, then your vote(s) will be held by the brokerage or clearing firm that is
theoretically holding the bulk certificate for your position.
Please be advised that through an extensive amount of work and with the assistance of Transfer Online, CMKM has
undeniably the most accurate account of the shareholder base that could be gathered.
I feel there is a number of a CMKM shareholders that are very knowledgeable about the company and could play a
vital role in the final phases of the company's reconstruction.
The goal of this management is to build a company one step at a time. It is of the opinion of the company that a round
table team of shareholders be assembled with approximately 7 individuals. These individuals will assist the company in
their past knowledge and their ideas moving forward. It is important that these individuals have a good standing with
our shareholders. Please submit your information in writing and reference Round Table Member. If you are not
selected we still need your support.
"The company cannot be specific at this time about matters such as compensation, benefits and overall job
requirements. But we encourage those interested to send a short letter with their resume. We will address those issues
in the coming weeks."
Update Information:
CMKM will have the 2010 tax returns completed on or before March 15, 2011
LEGAL: Refer to the Litigation update Dec 2010.
NewCo: The NEW CO, J/V agreement with 1010 is still a valid opportunity for our company. 1010 and CMKM
have worked together throughout the year to develop a business plan however at this time, the Company has been
unable to provide the large amount of funds needed to move this venture forward. Mr. Koch has continued to secure
the claims that hold potential value for the NEW Co and ultimately the sake of the shareholders. We are very
confident in our partnership.
As earlier stated by CMKM, after a complete investigation into the matters being litigated by Mr. Hodges, the
company does not believe any legal action is necessary or would be appropriate. Our position regarding the matter has
been clearly set out in our updates to the shareholders. We have no evidence to validate his claims.
Shareholders, please understand that your questions and concerns are important; it is impossible to answer all of the
emails and phone calls. I watched Kevin spend entire days on the phone and responding to emails only to see him
exhausted at day's end and still be the object of criticism. I pray each of you understand that CMKM is at its absolute
healthiest place it has ever been. Although there is not regular and ongoing revenue for the company at this time,
CMKM has proper accounting, a few pieces of Real Property, Judgments from past events, and some very positive
legal cases moving forward.
It is with great regret that Mr. Kevin West resigned from CMKM after the years of hard work he has put in. Please let
us not lose sight of his goal for the company.
Please submit your questions in writing and they will be responded to in a timely manor
James E. Lowden

CMKM Diamonds Inc.
P.O. Box 9575
Tyler, Texas 75711


December 31, 2010

Dear shareholders,
Another year has come to a close and we would like to wish you and your families the very best in 2011.
While the Company has been quiet for the last few months, please know that we are still working daily on litigation and
other Company matters moving forward. Although shareholders are understandably focused upon a return on their
investment, there has been much that has taken place behind the scenes to help revive and put a foundation under a
Company that was left for dead several years ago. In this past year, outside of litigation matters to be updated below,
there have been two major corporate accomplishments that have been underway for a very long time…. 1. For the
first time in the history of CMKM Diamonds, Inc, all tax periods dating back to year 2002 have been prepared and
filed;  2. The company has interviewed and selected a new transfer agent. Even though it is not something that can be
measured by shareholders, please be advised that the Company has incurred hundreds of man-hours of time that went
into the finalization of just these two projects alone.

Many questions are coming to the Company regarding the issue of a fund to be paid out to shareholders. The
Company has publicly stated its position on this matter several times in the past and continues to stick by that position;
after several years and countless hours of investigation into the matters surrounding the past history of this Company
and the possession of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, the Company has not come across one
document indentifying a trust fund held on behalf of the Company or its shareholders.

Many have asked about my position on the matters that Al Hodges is working on. I continue to stand by my previous
statements of June 25, 2010. I personally believe that Mr. Hodges is looking out for the best interests of the
shareholders and that he believes, without any doubt, in the information that he has shared with you. I have spoken
with Mr. Hodges in the last two weeks and although he still cannot share details with me or the Company, I am of the
personal opinion that he is still 100% confident in his facts and has not wavered in those beliefs. I have let him know
that I am just a phone call away if my help should be needed.

The NEW CO, J/V agreement with 1010 is still a valid opportunity for our company.  1010 and CMKM have
worked together throughout the year to develop a business plan however at this time, the Company has been unable to
provide the large amount of funds needed to move this venture forward.  Mr. Koch has continued to secure the claims
that hold potential value for the NEW Co and ultimately the sake of the shareholders.

Please see the litigation update provided by the Frizzell Law Firm to the Company below.

Very sincerely,

Kevin M West
CEO / President


December 31, 2010

To:  CMKM Management

Re:   Litigation Update

Desormeau Suit – Work continues on many fronts in this lawsuit.  Enormous amounts of due diligence, private
investigation and legal work have been expended in our effort to collect the $33,000,000 judgment which was
obtained by the company in July of 2008.  I reported in my litigation update in May of this year of the recovery by
CMKM of properties in Georgia and Virginia.  As of this date CMKM has not accepted any offers on either
property.  The real estate market for these valuable properties is not favorable as is the case in most parts of the
country. CMKM management is currently considering contracts with new listing agents and has some real estate
brokers in the area providing feedback to the company.

In September of 2009 thanks to some good work by one of our shareholder volunteer researchers, the company was
informed that a property which we had once identified as a property belonging to John Edwards had recently sold in
Las Vegas.  This office has developed quite a database of information on properties purchased by John Edwards and
held through the names of various fictitious entities and trusts.  Upon learning of the sale of that property, we began an
investigation into the trail of funds following the sale.  Since these funds belonged to John Edwards, they were subject
to our judgment.  We have known for quite some time that John Edwards has historically used lawyers’ trust accounts
to purchase properties.

As our investigation developed into this transaction, it was apparent to us that Mr. Edwards was using a particular
lawyer and law firm and its trust account to conduct business with third parties.  We noticed two lawyers in Las Vegas
for depositions and requested that they turn over all files, documents and records of business dealings and investments
of John Edwards.  The lawyers informed me when they appeared for the deposition that they gathered the documents
we requested but due to their confidential relationship with their client they could not turn them over to us without a
court order.  We reached an agreement where the lawyers would prepare a privilege log and we would ask Judge
Delaney to review the logs and decide if the documents identified were discoverable. Judge Delaney ultimately ruled in
our favor on August 18, 2010 and turned over to us each and every document which was being withheld by the Mr.
Edwards’ attorneys.   It took nearly 8 months and numerous court appearances in Las Vegas by Kevin West, myself
and our Las Vegas counsel and the filing of several briefs to obtain this ruling.

These documents contained a wealth of material about Mr. Edwards’ business dealings.  We found evidence of
investments in other countries.  I am confident you can understand why I must be rather vague about the matters we
uncovered in these documents.  We obtained a flow chart which I will provide for the company to post in the
document section of the company web site which came from these documents showing some projects related to
investments of Mr. Edwards.  I have dedacted certain names of companies and individuals for obvious reasons.  We
are still in the process of investigating the matters learned of in the documents obtained from John Edwards’ lawyers.

Based on information obtained in these privilege logs your company chose to secure counsel in the UK.  We have
hired a top firm to assist us in our investigations in the UK.  Company management spent a great deal of time searching
out the right law firm and gathering the requested information to obtain their services.  Mr. Edwards has been
incarcerated in London since September of 2009 and has engaged counsel in the UK as well.

Our collection work continues in foreign jurisdictions as it is clear Mr. Edwards made large investments and moved
money outside of the U.S..

We have recently located properties in Nevada, Florida and California which we have proven belongs to Mr.
Edwards.  Post judgment collection activities have begun including hiring local counsel in the locales where the
properties are located. The company will customarily file a Lis Pendens in the respective locale of the property and
then proceed with litigation to have the property legally seized subject to our judgment. Such activities are in progress
at this time. Again, for obvious reasons, I am choosing not to specifically identify the properties until we have the
appropriate legal proceedings in process to protect your company’s interests.

Once again I was notified by one of shareholders that Can Cal Resources Ltd. had made an SEC filing indicating that it
had defaulted on a note the company had with two John Edwards’ entities.  The note was secured by 120 acres of
land in San Bernadino County, California and originated in 2000. All properties belonging to John Edwards, regardless
of how the property is held or when it was acquired is subject to the judgment obtained by your company.  Can Cal
has recently devoted resources to testing the land to ascertain the land’s potential for mineral development.  The
officers presently running Can Cal were not in control in 2000 when the note was made with John Edwards.  Can Cal
has asserted they are unable to contact Mr. Edwards but are desirous of working out an amicable settlement with
CMKM.  Pursuant to those discussions I began appropriate legal proceedings to consummate an agreement with Can
Cal.  I filed a garnishment proceeding in a local Texas District Court on July 20, 2010 which would have allowed the
company to receive a negotiated amount of money and execute a full release of the note to Can Cal.  Because the
property and the debt are not in Texas, this Texas garnishment proceeding would only be a viable venue if the parties
reach an amicable settlement.  Discussions at one time were amicable and a settlement amount was agreed to.  A
hearing date was set in a Tyler court to get Court approval of the agreement. Company management invested many
hours in getting information to Can Cal and in discussing the ways to resolve this matter amicably.   A significant
amount of money and legal time was spent with Can Cal attorneys to substantiate the claim of the company.  Can Cal
for various reasons withdrew from these negotiations and we are renewing our efforts to collect on this note.

Your company will in short order dismiss the Garnishment action mentioned above.  Our rights to collect on this note
are not in jeopardy because of this dismissal. We are now proceeding in Nevada and California to assert CMKM’s
rights to a turnover order of the note.  Plans are being made to seize the property upon failure of Can Cal to pay the
note owing to Mr. Edwards.

After extensive meetings a new plan is underway to aggressively pursue the many properties that we have found and to
further our investigation into the information we have obtained about the assets of John Edwards.  We have the right to
conduct post judgment discovery in every state of the United States to aid us in enforcing our judgment.  The
procedures on how we conduct this discovery vary somewhat from state to state.  Your company is in the process of
engaging counsel in the various states to help us.  Two firms have already been engaged.   This post judgment
discovery allows us to send out sworn interrogatories to individuals and companies and to take sworn depositions of
people who may have information which would lead us to assets which might be subject to our judgment.  We have
five individuals in three different states targeted for these depositions.  These individuals are people we know have had
business dealings with Mr. Edwards and we believe they have information which will assist us as we pursue collection
of our judgment.

Casavant/Glenn Suit – Discovery is ongoing in the Casavant/Glenn suit.  If this is the first update you have read, you
might want to go to the company web site (www.cmkmdiamondsinc.com) to see what transpired prior to May of this
year in this case. Since my last update, your company has received a second set of interrogatories and we have
responded to those interrogatories.  Your company has sent its first request for production of documents to Glenn’s
attorneys.  Glenn has produced a number of documents pursuant to our request and has made various objections to
some of the requests.  Your company has recently sent a Request for Admissions to Glenn which includes over 100
requests.  Request for Admissions is a discovery tool designed to narrow the contested issues in a law suit.  Rules
allow the parties thirty days to respond to most discovery including a Request for Admission.

A deposition of one board member was taken this year with our Las Vegas counsel representing the company and the
board member.  We participated in the deposition  of   Neil Levine, the CPA that withdrew from representing the
company on the day of the administrative hearing in 2005.  This deposition took place in Mr. Levine’s attorney’s office
in New York City on October 20, 2010.  The deposition was an all day deposition.  We participated in the deposition
of Don Stoecklein in his office in San Diego on October 28, 2010.  This deposition was an all day deposition.  We
participated in the deposition of Mark Faulk in a law office in Oklahoma City on September 16, 2010.  This was an all
day deposition.  An enormous amount of work goes into preparation for these depositions.  Mr. West was previously
deposed as company representative by Mr. Glenn’s attorney.  His deposition as a fact witness will be taken in

Your company has hired an expert to testify on behalf of the company.  Our expert will give his opinion on certain
matters at issue in this litigation.  Your expert will be given information pertaining to the legal work done by Mr. Glenn
and his firm.  He will then give his opinion regarding the work.  Experts are commonly used in cases of this sort.  The
courts allow expert testimony when a matter is being litigated that might be above the common understanding of a lay
person. It would be helpful to a lay juror to have information from an expert in some of the issues being tried in this
lawsuit.  Mr. Glenn has already announced the name of their expert witness.  We expect to offer our witness up for a
deposition and we expect to depose their expert.  I will also be deposing Mr. Glenn but we have not yet scheduled
that deposition as of this date.

A scheduling order has been put in place by the trial court.   This case will be called for trial on August 1, 2011.  I
expect this case to be tried sometime during the month of August.

A protective order has been agreed to by the parties and signed by the Judge which cloaks many discovery documents
with confidentiality by agreement.  I think this scheduling order is a matter of public record.  If it is, I will allow
company management to post it in the document section of the company web site.

Declaratory Judgment Suit in Tyler--Service issues are being resolved due to Mr. Edwards being incarcerated in
London.  Once service has been obtained, this matter will proceed.

Al Hodges’ Bivens Suit – I will only make a brief comment on the Al Hodges litigation.  The company has made its
position very clear on several occasions.  I reiterated the company’s position in my update this past May.  Please
reread my comments if there is any misunderstanding of my position and that of the company.  There is an open line of
communication between Mr. Hodges’ office, your company and my office. If any help or assistance is needed by Mr.
Hodges from me or the company, Mr. Hodges knows we stand ready to do whatever is needed.  Having said that, a
lengthy in-depth investigation by myself and your company has been ongoing into related matters since March of 2007.
Your company management has met with Mr. Hodges.  We have received the same information most of you have
received about this matter. The company’s position has not changed.  Mr. Hodges has been relentless in his pursuit of
the monies identified in his lawsuit.  He is firm in his belief that he will eventually be able to obtain the funds he believes
are being held in trust for the shareholders.

Communication to Shareholders – I feel compelled once again to ask you to use your common sense and be patient
with the officers and directors of your company as this litigation proceeds.  The law is clear that when I discuss
company plans which involve litigation with the officers and directors, those discussions are privileged and not
discoverable.  When your officers and directors communicate with third parties, whether in my presence or not, that
communication is no longer privileged.  Discovery requests have been filed with us seeking communications between
all parties involved and shareholders.  I do not allow the officers and directors to go online or engage in conversations
with shareholders about the details of the company business.  The cases we are litigating are very important to this

Thanks and Best Wishes For 2011 – I want to thank the many shareholders who have tirelessly contributed their time
and efforts to the cause of this company. I am very much aware that this update will not excite the masses out there
who are in daily anticipation of the funds being sought by Mr. Hodges.   Should his efforts come to fruition, I will be as
happy as any shareholder alive.   But I am proud of the legal work that has been done for this company. We will
continue to exert our time, money and efforts until these matters are all resolved and this company is back to trading.  I
have confidence that our hard work and efforts will be rewarded in the end.  Have a safe and Happy New Year.
Bill Frizzell


September 17, 2010

CMKM Diamonds, Inc. is very happy to announce the completionof the form 1120 Internal Revenue
Income Tax Returns for years 2002, 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,and 2009.

Using the subpoena power granted by the District Court of Clark County Nevada, we have been able to recover
all of CMKM bank records from various banks accounts known to us that the prior management used in years 2002
-2005. After intensive work by the Company’s accounting firm, 4 years of financials have been prepared based on the
information we could gather. Current Management had already filed years 2006-2008 on time. However, after
completing the previous years, the new financial data obligated the Company to restate years 2006, 2007 and 2008.
Each of these IRS filings have been filed in addition to the most current year filing for 2009.

One of our main goals has always been to establish a foundation that would one day support the Company’s efforts to
return to trading status. Filing these returns has moved the Company one step closer to that goal.

The Company is happy to now make available to shareholders the financial statements of the combined 2002 –
2009 Balance Sheet and the combined 2002 – 2009 P&L Statement. (Click HEREto be directed to those statements)
Please understand that these statements contain the combined numbers from all of the financial data available for the
full eight years. We have made notations on several of the entries to make them more understandable. Many of the
minor settlements that are shown were made under non-disclosure agreements between the
parties.CMKM is devoting substantial time and resources in its ongoing attempt to collect on all
judgments obtained by the Company through its litigation.

The United States Department of Justice has brought a criminal indictment against John M. Edwards, Urban Casavant,
Helen Bagley, Brian Dvorak, Ginger Gutierrez and James Kinney alleging that they conspired to commit, and did
commit, securities fraud involving the issuance and sale of CMKM stock. The United States Attorney for the District
of Nevada has posted information regarding this criminal case on its website at

Federal prosecutors will periodically update this information to notify shareholders and victims of significant events in
that case and the status of those proceedings. Shareholders and victims of this alleged scheme are invited to visit the
website for additional information and instructions.


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